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Hmmm..... Well.... I'm looking for a community baner..... And.... I'm might as well turn this into an Art Challenge..... Make a(n) hand drawn/ digital drawing of Crazy and her Crew!
I will change the banner each month so evey person can have a chance!
So get a pencil/computer/iPad and start drawing cuz contest ends Monday! Don't rush, if u need extra time then sure! Just tell me!
(And I'd u need a pic of Crazy or anyone of her crew then sure! I'll send u one)

~Quick Info~

-U can draw any character of ur choice from the crew of u can draw all of them
*-U can even add ur own Oc to the pic!
-If u want to ship ur Oc with one of the characters there then sure! That also counts
*-Remember to have fun

If u have any questions about this just ask me in tha comments⬇⬇⬇

Howdy pardners. Thank you for inviting me Silver Eyes! 😉

Welp...... Does anyone need extra time for tha contest?
+Marley 52710
+BVlogger Queen Of Multi-Fandoms.
+Jøhnny The Withered Pirate Føx

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Hii, thank you for the invite!
I thought this would be a good opportunity to show you this.. Doodle. Of Crazy X Jace, as requested.
I will redo the entire drawing, by the way. ^^

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I have some animations that a cringe every time I see it I'm like why but I tried xD this has nothing in common sorry...

Animated Photo

commercial appears
Hello~ And welcome to Crazy's Pizzeria and Arcade!!! "A Place where death Imagination Comes to Life"

Here u will meet;
Craze the Bunny
Lockgaw the Pit bull
Vix and Vixen Fox

And the Star of the show....

Crazy the Bunny!

So we hope to see u here!
And remember kids, always scream smile!
commercial ends
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