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sure, gimme a number

and i'll choose an oc of mine to draw with that number
I'm bored :P
So imma gonna do dis!

Share if you want.
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My OC that I've had for a long time, Adrienne. I've changed her design and name so many times but this should be final. I used an old dip pen that I found and bought some new ink for it. It came out way better than my first time using it. I even like how it looks a bit rough. I don't know if I want to color her though

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look i made a boy

he's hopefully gonna end up in a webcomic someday

the community banner thingy thing that i just put up is very temporary fyi

when there's more people here im gonna do an art contest for a new banner

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here have an art dump
massive art dump
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Fuck yee

when there's more people here im gonna hold a contest for the community banner because why not

prepare yourselves
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