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Quote's:"i just wanna cause alittle entropy!" "It's useless...I always come back to life" "THIS IS HALLOWEEN!~♡" "I'M SOLARINA AND WELCOME TO JACKASS!!"

Bio:Solarina Fallhaven was a daughter of a assassin and a spy the mother was sweet and kind to her but the father abused her with a cursed whip that would make the scars or tattoos or summoning circles stay on her but one day the mother was killed by the father solar was filled with hatred and anger her grabbing the gun her mother left under the bed sneaking up behind solar and shooting him in the head after he made her kill her own siblings just for his entrainment the mother...was brought back to life but she hated solar so solar hid in the shadows of the forest unable to eat or find shelter staying in the cold with wild animals just so she could live and survive her instincts kicked in her able to kill and murder but she put the chance down not wanting to harm a soul even if people knew she was the chaos spirit filled with the chaos energy of the deceased none know this but some might..
Items:sachel,fox mask,doll,ammo
Weapon of choice/Firearms/common weapon type:Chaos scythe
Weapon name:Pheonixdrop
Organization:None (Lonewolf)
Motives:Never Trust in anyone aside you if choosed by another's choice
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Weapon of choice/Firearms/common weapon type:

Weapon name:



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Name: digi "kinartsu" the digitalhog

Age: 15

Gender: male

Bio: Digi is from another dimension once he came to this dimension he became an inspector to keep his friends safe

Weapon of choice/Firearms/common weapon type: dominator [speed/Stealth/range]

Weapon name: the virtual repear

Organization: Inspectors

Motives: keeping his friends safe


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solar walks around with a creepy smile people backing away and shaking in fear when they hear one say her name and her just huming quietly
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