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Can I use B100 in my diesel engine right away, without any modification?
If yes, why has government set up a target of B20 to replace diesel by 2017?

Bio-diesel History:

Bio-fuels are as old as our civilizations itself. We had been using bio-fuels in form of wood, charcoal, etc.

Looking into our past; transesterification reaction of Vegetable oil was first performed in 1853 by E. Duffy and J. Patrick. This was then followed by Rudolf Diesel's demonstration of engine that could run on Peanut oil in the year 1893. We mark August 10 as "International Bio-diesel Day " to remember this event.

In 1937, G. Chavanne from Belgian patented "ethyl ester" made out of palm oil. 

Dear friends,

Is there somewhere we can get the list of all the test standards (Indian) that are used for analyzing Biodiesel and Vegetable fuel?

Dear friends,

I am looking for British standard (BS EN 14103: 2003) for analysing conversion of TG (Triglyceride) and FAME (Fatty acid methyl ester) to soap during Transesterification reaction using GC (Gas chromatography). Is there anyone having said standard? Or do suggest me with any other methods to analyse TG / FAME conversion?

Dear friends,

It is heart breaking to see that the majority of our Crude Oil consumption are catered through imports, which accounted for 189.648 MMT (2014-15) as per the reports published by Ministry of Petroleum. Whereas our in house production was only 38.763 MMT on the same year.

Having these figures in chart, I once again urge everybody to join hands to make our Nation fossil fuel free country.

Given the composition of fatty acid in the feed Oil (Vegetable Oil), how can we find the molecular weight of the FFA (Free Fatty Acid)?

Is there someone  who has come across this issue?

Alcohol for Biodiesel production - Methanol / Ethanol / Butanol / Iso-propanol. Which is the most commonly used in Industries?

Manufacturers are requested to give their preference and reason out?

India is loosing its GREEN. It is in our hand to stop this happen. Bio-Diesel is one of the solution to our problem.

This is call to everyone who is working in this field or related to Bio-Diesel. 

No doubt! Bio-Diesel is make an impression which is loud & audible. Importance of Bio-Diesel now and in future is quite clear. 

Day has come, we have to start making Bio-Diesel at our Home in most economical way, which is quite possible. 

Lets join our hand to make this possible.
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