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Primary: Griffin Kingdom
-Norther Region
-Southern Region
-Eastern Region
-Western Region
-Central Region
Secondary: All of Equis

>EDF Ground Forces (Supreme Commander Cloud)
>EDF Mechanical Armored Forces (Supreme Commander Artemis)
>EDF Royal Navy (Air and Sea) (Admiral Night Wrath)
>EDF Airforce(s) (Supreme Commander Iron)
>EDF Recon Forces (Supreme Commander Luna)
>EDF Special Forces (Supreme Commander +Diamond Warrior)
>EDF Lunar Ops (Supreme Commander +Frost Gaming)
>EDF Medical Forces (Director Red Cross)
>EDF Cyber Assault/Defense Forces (Hackers/Cyber Warfare) (N/A)

>Equestrian 1st Chapter
>Crystal Empire 3rd Chapter
>Zebra Empire 4th Chapter
>LCE 6th Chapter
>Dragon Dynasty 9th Chapter

>Operation Iron Sky
-EDF forces will secure the borders of the Griffin Kingdom by launching an immediate blockade that cuts off the Griffin Kingdom from the rest of the world. No airships, ground forces, planes, cars, boats, ships, or any other means of transportation will be permitted to enter or leave the Griffin Kingdom except by special allowance. EDF Forces will seize control of the skies, ground, and seas by means of overwhelming numbers, firepower, and superior tactics. EDF F.O.Bs and outposts will be built along the newly captured and militarized border of the Kingdom as well.

>Operation Black Out
-EDF Forces in conjunction with the U.E.S.F will be jamming all satellite communications going into or out of the Griffin Kingdom that are not EDF designated. This will be accomplished by means of satellite reprogramming or destroying in low Equis orbit as well as by means of Cyber Warfare. Phone lines, radio towers, or any other ground based means of getting news into or out of the region will be jammed or stopped. EDF Forces are to attempt to seize control of radio towers or communication stations in the Griffin Kingdom to ultimately accomplish this operation.

>Operation Warhammer II
-EDF Ground and Armored Forces will commence their primary assaults on IGA forces all throughout the Kingdom. Designated targets are as follows:
>IGA Bases
>IGA Fortresses
>IGA Outposts
>IGA Heavy Weapon Emplacements
>IGA Ground Forces
>Griffin Infrastructure (Factories, Chemical Plants, Propaganda Stations)
Once all or many of these vital means of resisting have been either destroyed or taken by force the EDF will move to take and liberate Griffin cities, towns, and villages from the IGA's oppressive rule. This operation is the primary part of the Campaign that will take the longest and is estimated to cost the EDF and its allies the most lives. We must fight hard and drive the enemy back to the breaking point on their own playing field. Thanks to Meril's propaganda the IGA and some citizens will fight us hard to the bitter end. Fighting with strength, honor, and determination will result in the EDF obtaining victories for the Greater Good.

>(Sub)-Operation Longshot
-This Sub-Operation will be the long range and constant shelling of enemy forces dug into emplacements or bases that are much to difficult or impossible to take with any reasonable amount of Ground Forces or by use of Special Ops. Enemy locations marked for bombardment will be based off of the following system:
>Fire Mission Designation ECHO (50 MM - 105 MM Shelling)
>Fire Mission Designation DELTA (60 MM - 125 MM Shelling)
>Fire Mission Designation CHARLIE (150 MM - 200 MM Shelling)
>Fire Mission Designation BRAVO (300 MM - 400 MM Shelling)
>Fire Mission Designation ALPHA (400 MM - 900 MM Shelling)
The use of ICBM's, M.O.A.Bs, Arcane Mega-spell Missiles, Sub-Atomic Warheads, and Orbital Weapons are authorized only by General Starlight himself after approval from the Canterlot Council and the Four Princess of Equestria.

>Operation Armageddon
-This will be the final push to destroy anything left of the IGA and the attempt to take Meril the Grey into custody. Use of class "X" ground based weapons have been pre-authorized in accordance with the EDF Codex Article 5, Section 10, paragraph 4. If Meril cannot be taken in by any means then she is to be neutralized by any means necessary outside of nuclear force. All EDF combat branches will take part in this operation as it will involve taking the capital city of Gryphus where her place is. It will be heavily armed, armored, and bristling with weapons of all sorts. It is proposed that if Meril has not used any WMDs at this point in the Campaign to win that she will. All EDF troops will be issued radiation pills and lead-lined armor for this final operation and mission. Brothers and sisters of the EDF! We have made it this far and have come a long way from home and comfort. Steel your hearts and ready yourselves for the maelstrom of battle that is to come. This final fight will be the fiery crucible that tests us all. Fight with all your might and strike down your foes without mercy! Show them the true might of the EDF and the Greater Good!

>Operation Sundown
-EDF Forces have destroyed the IGA and any hostiles in the region. We will now focus on helping to maintain order in the Kingdom while it is rebuilt. Equitarian efforts and relief groups/organizations will be let into the Kingdom to assist in the rebuilding of the Griffin Kingdom.

NOTE: ((If at any point during this Campaign I find anyone to be cheating, being OP, treating others with disrespect, or being a nuisance overall to the community and its fellow members I will have the violator removed from the Campaign for the rest of its duration and, if need be, banned from the community itself. I will not tolerate disobedience or disrespect show to me, my mods, or my members in any way. This goes for everyone. There will be no special exceptions made and things will go as planned in the Campaign in order to reach the end of it in a timely manner. At any time the owner or mod (with permission) may declare an action, event, or post as non canon to the community with there being no recourse. Things will go as planned and in a smooth and orderly fashion in accordance with the rules of the community. Don't make me or my mods have to be the "bad guys" outside of role play. Be cool, follow the rules, respect us, and we promise that you will have a wonderful time here!))


The cause of the second largest war on Equis involving multiple Countries, Kingdoms, and Empires was due to the greed and lust for power from one individual. This individual was a female Griffin by the official name of Meril the Grey. Close to one year ago (in canon time) she had usurped the old Griffin King and taken his throne by force, thereby proclaiming herself as the new ruler of the Griffin Kingdom and all its territories. For the first few months in her rule of power all was well in the Kingdom and not much had changed...but it began to once she became greedy for more riches, influence, and territory. In taking the throne from the old King and Royal family before her she had also made quite a few enemies throughout the land. It was for these reasons that she became more ruthless and determined to rule her Kingdom with an iron talon.

However, there was a problem with this. With her Kingdom being a part of the Equis World Council as well as the EDF she could not act freely and use the military as she wished to. So for these reasons on March the 15th of 2016 she broke the Griffin Kingdom off from the Equis World Council and removed it as the 5th Chapter of the EDF. She did however, keep all of the EDF tech and weapons up to that point in time that was granted. With her Kingdom now broken off from the prying and judging eyes of the world community she could now rule as she pleased. From the ashes of the EDF came a new military for the Griffin Kingdom known as the Imperial Griffin Army or IGA. This military force would be very powerful and formidable as it wielded most of the tech and weapons the EDF had used up to this point. She swept through her country killing off or imprisoning those that had openly opposed her before. New Royal Decrees were issued that made it illegal to speak out against the crown or resist the ruling of her new military Generals and Commanders. Within a period of 4 months the Kingdom was completely subjugated and silenced by her. Those that rose up to fight back were quickly killed and all resistance was met with a swift crushing iron boot. To maintain the money and trade for her country she made farmers grow drugs on their farms and in some cases she even sold off citizens she did not particularly like on the Black Market. This, in conjunction with her selling off some EDF tech and other things got her more of the money she wanted. She was pleased for a season but again came the feeling that it was not enough. She wanted not just the Griffin Kingdom to rule....she wanted the world.

To rule the world you first must have a strong Kingdom or "home base." This much Meril knew and so she set about fortifying and building up the military infrastructure of the Griffin Kingdom. New outposts and F.O.Bs were built on or into mountains and valleys and other defenses like flak guns and artillery point defenses were constructed as well. These as well as massive shielding arrays and missile defenses were built using slave labor and the labor of the military. Finally, after 3 months of constant building most of what she was looking to put in place was built. An outright assault on Equis would be stupid as she knew that the Equestrian 1st Chapter of the EDF led by General Starlight would rally the other nations and Empires to bring a swift end to that. She would need to test her power first. Meril began this by sending military forces to test and threaten the borders of other neighboring countries like Yackyackistan and the Crystal Empire. Next she tried farther targets like the Lunar Changeling Empire. All of these military "drills" caught the attention of the world and brought tensions high.

In the months her Imperial Griffin Army had been out of the EDF she noticed that her tech was not as much on par with the updated and more powerful weapons and tech of the world EDF. E-Tech as well as key scientists working for those in the EDF were surpassing her own and she did not like this.....not one bit. She would have her top tactical advisers come up with a strike plan on how to get a hold of new E-Tech and EDF blueprints for her own Kingdom, but this would take some time and serious planning. Meanwhile, General Starlight was growing more and more wary of the Griffins and Meril with each day that passed. He had heard rumors that there were terrible things going on in the Griffin Kingdom for some of his more "exotic" sources and that they were planning for something big. This did not sit well with him and so in order to see for himself he planned and launched a very covert Recon Operation known only as Spyglass. This recon operation confirmed his worst fears. The IGA were extorting, abusing, and killing civilians in villages and cities that did not comply with Meril's commands and rulings. The IGA had also built many bases, outposts, and heavy gun defenses around the northern and eastern region of the Kingdom as well. This information was directly relayed to Princess Luna, who was overseeing the operation, and from there sent to Starlight and the Canterlot Council. Their ruling was that this was indeed bad but that it did not constitute military action against them.

This would all change however when Meril's top General would launch a daring offensive to take blueprints from an E-Tech facility in the Zebra Empire. This offensive was know as the Black Dagger among the IGA Commanders and it was to be carried out by a Griffin Company "Blitz Force." What the IGA was not planning for in this mission was the accidental passing of a Zebra EDF convoy by the facility to drop off supplies. A large fire fight ensued and despite the IGA managing to jam communications coming from or going to the E-Tech facility they did not plan on their being external EDF forces. The Zebra EDF 4th Chapter General was told of the assault and he immediately sent a transmission to EDF HQ in Equestria. This transmission was received and an immediate counter offensive was launched to stop the Griffins from getting away with valuable EDF tech and blueprints. The EDF Ground Forces 122nd Company under the command of Supreme Commander Cloud were sent to the region where they fought and defended the facility from all IGA forces. In the fray two Griffins were taken as prisoner and the rest were killed. This terrible and botched mission would become known as the "Zebratanican Firestarting" as it would kick off the second largest war on Equis. This was the match thrown into the tinder box and now the cat was out of the bag. Meril was planning for war and had no good intent for Equis. In accordance with the EDF 1st Chapter Codex the measures known as Alpha-Ceta 115 would be enacted. This called for the immediate blockading of the Griffin Kingdom by all means. The aerial borders would be blocked off by massive airship fleets while ground forces moved in and sealed off the sectors all around the Kingdom. The EDF Royal Navy would also be launching a sea-based naval blockade that would seal off all ships from leaving the Frigid Gulf. From here the Equis World Council would call for the stepping down of Meril the Grey from power to be judged for her crimes against Equis and the Greater Good of All. She would, much to no one's surprise, refuse and thus the Gryphus Campign began.

This conflict will not be easy and there will be a great call for many lives to be sacrificed. Through hard work, commitment, vigilance, and determination the forces of the EDF and its allies will prevail against the evil Queen of Gryphus that is Meril the Grey. Long live the EDF and the Greater Good!


Iron head walked around humming, his stomach bandaged​ many ponies stared others held on to Thier bags he started looking sad when one pony tripped him causing him to fall

ember sighs as she sat on a tree branch, it being the middle of the night, her not able to get any sleep,mind seeming restless, yet a small smile on her face as she looked up at the stars that show themselves in the night sky

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(open to Gryphos campaign)

Ember sits down at a table with a very heavy sigh. She is so worn out she didn't even bother to hide her tray of food. Displaying a few plants but some meat as well. She bangs her head on the table in frustration. Her mane is a mess though her cap is pulled snuggly over her ears. Her uniform looks a bit messy too.

Lucky was sitting in his room, listening to a tape that was left on his bed. It was Lumin saying that she'd left the base.
Lumin's Tape: "Hey Lucky. Listen I'm so sorry that I left. But after visiting the Medical building, and seeing those sick ponies, a-and the blood-" The sound of her shuddering can be heard. "-the blood made me leave. I'm not trying to leave you completely Lucky. But, I'm sorry. Good bye." The tape ends and he tries to set it down, but misjudges where the desk was with is half-blind eyes and it clatters to the floor. The battery compartment popping open and the batteries rolling around the floor.
Lucky: "Looks like she did lie when we first met..."

Captain Harkness is at the firing range at EDF Headquarters, as he is currently not able to participate in the Gryphus Campaign due to recently waking up from a long coma (Open to anyone at at HQ)

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Non Role Play Post // Informational

Clip vs Magazine

The amount of times these two terms are used interchangeably is incredible. That rectangular box sitting comfortably in your rifle isn't a clip, no matter how often the term is misused.

A magazine is a storage device that feeds ammunition into a firearm's chamber through spring pressure. Lots are detachable and come in the form of box, drum, tubular and other kinds of magazines.

A clip is a device, normally a strip of some sort of metal, that holds cartridges together to be manually loaded into a firearm. It lacks any form of mechanical feeding system. Examples include the Stripper and En bloc Clips.

after a good night and after her first date, she had woken up and yawned, heading to the messhall for breakfasf,unsure about what she wanted to eat? Do they have meat? Maybe bacon and eggs?or maybe just a begal, she shrugs and steps inside to wait in line

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after a good night and after her first date, she had woken up and yawned, heading to the messhall for breakfasf,unsure about what she wanted to eat? Do they have meat? Maybe bacon and eggs?or maybe just a begal, she shrugs and steps inside to wait in line

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FACTION: EDF (Equestrian 1st Chapter Exclusive)

VEHICLE: S.B.C-99 "H.A.M.M.E.R" Tank (Heavy Armored Massive Mobile Energy Rover) (Secondary Base Command)

>Length: 85 Meters
>Width: 45 Meters
>Height: 20 Meters

> Elephantium Armored Hull (1)
> Chicomb/Adamantium Reinforced Hull (2)
> Reinforced Steel Hull (3)
> Insulation/Main Steel Support Structure (4)
> Wires/electronics/piping (6)
> Internal 1/4th Inch Steel Plating (7)
> Armor Stats:
- Front (8 Inches)
- Sides (6 Inches)
- Rear (5 Inches)
- Track Armor (400 mm)
- Main Turrets (320 mm)

EFFECTIVE ARMOR NOTE (for reference): Frontal armor estimate of 8 in vs armor piercing fin stabilized discarding-sabot (APFSDS) and 1 ft vs high explosive anti-tank warhead (HEAT).

> 20 EDF Humvees - or
> 15 LAV-25s - or
> 12 EDF L.B.T-22 Tanks - or
> 10 EDF Medium Battle Tanks - or
> 8 EDF MBT-35s (Main Battle Tank) - or
> 4 EDF H.A.B.T-55 (Heavy Armored Battle Tanks)

>A.R.C-2000 XZ05 Arcane Reactor Core

WEIGHT: 1253 Tons

>1 "Hell Storm" Anti-Infantry/Anti-Armor Missile Battery (A.I.A.A)
>3 "Obliterator" (200 MM) Arcane Macro Batteries
>4 (50 Caliber) Quad-Barreled Flak Turrets
>4 (150 MM) Mobile Artillery Cannons
>8 (50 MM) Flak Cannons
>12 "Destroyer" (120 MM) Arcane Cannons
>14 (50 Caliber) Mini Gun Auto-Turrets
>28 (20 MM) Defensive Turrets

> IR Smoke Canisters
> Electric Smoke Canisters
> Tear Gas Shells
> Elevated, mine-resistant chaises
> Advanced Geo-terrain Mapping
> Real-Time Ally/Marked Enemy Tracking
> Remote Camera Units
- Thermal Imaging
- Night Vision
- Arcane Imaging
- Electrical Imaging
> Field Optics/External Cameras
> Remote, anti-missile controller

CREW SIZE: 105 EDF Units
>1 Tank Commander
>1 Master Gunnery Officer
>1 Chief Tactical Strategist
>1 Head Engineer
>1 Head Doctor
>40 Armored Forces Operators (Hangar Deployable Units)
>40 Gunners
>10 Engineers
>5 Medics
>5 C.O.Ms Operators

MANUFACTURER: E-Tech Industries, T2T Industries

PRICE: B 10,000,000 Bits

INFO: If you have ever wondered what was the most powerful and devastating land vehicle the EDF has in its arsenal then wonder no longer cause you are looking at it. The EDF SBC-99 H.A.M.M.E.R tank is the largest and most powerful armored vehicle the EDF Equestrian 1st Chapter has ever built. This mighty land fortress may move at a crawling 10 miles per hour but it bristles with firepower. From its massive "Obliterator" arcane macro cannons to its 20 MM defensive guns this unit is one of legend to EDF troops on the field and horror to enemies who have seen it and lived to tell the tail. The massive tank was first built built back in the middle of the war against the C.U.C and the Black Hoof almost 15 years ago. The purpose of this massive tank was to be used as a mobile armored command center for EDF Armored Forces Commander's on the battlefield who had many units to control. However, it could also double as a massive steel fortress of death and destruction capable of breaking through enemy F.O.Bs or smashing entire enemy outposts and platoons under its mighty treads. Either way this armored monolith of the EDF is one to be feared by its enemies and admired by allies. It has been reported in two battles that the mere sight of an EDF H.A.M.M.E.R mobile fortress approaching has routed two enemy armies. These massive armored behemoths are expensive and hard to make but in the end they always end up being worth more than they cost. To date not one EDF H.A.M.M.E.R SBC fortress has been lost in active combat. Should the EDF be able to deploy one of these armored units in the war against the IGA it should be an awe inspiring site for our force and one of terror for the enemy. 
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