check this one out 

uhh,my flag red like clifford nigga truk fit green shirt my dick big her jaws hurts fuck with me ill put yo girl on a shirt drop the soap bitch i know your ass hurts (22) thats young money (22)in kentucky (270) in the building nigga shut yo mouth im speaking nigga all eyes on t-louis like we commited murder nigga send villagers nigga gareth nigga im iced out from head to toe nigga my diamonds stay ten below nigga tell ma nigga whatcha know nigga my bitch nigga got a fat ass camel toe (true) pussy nigga think they run shit but fuck wit me you get cut bitch chopped up and put in to a mothafuckin hefty bag in the freezer bitch tell ma bitch do you know me bitch if you dont bitch dont speak bitch

if you niggas hatein get the fuck out my page just playin

how does this sound

ill be smokin that good purp blowin like marley
ill be sippin that grape juice that color is barney
imma fresh nigga and my bitch is a barbie
choppa fully loaded fuck up yo arterys

got a new bitch couple old hoes owes me 
got a foriegn bitch she in love witcha nobie 
got a hood bitch shawty ask me how the road be 
might sound crazy im in love with a junky 

nigga let me be 
goin hard strong let me cheif 
if i want to serve nigga fuck da police 
if you gon' be live nigga fuck and believe 
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