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This'd be nice! (especially if the standard agrees with my expectations) :-)
One spool to rule them all...

Campaign for an open standard for 3D printing filament spools.

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Great Googly Moogly, that's an incredible 3D printer controller! I'm using the X3 on my Ord Bot and love it. I'd thought I wouldn't likely ever need more, but then this... 8 steppers, 8 mosfets with PWM, 6 thermistors...

Here's the full feature list:
 * Atmel ATmega 2560 with FT231x FTDI USB chip - Compatible with Marlin, Repetier, others.
 * 3 Separate Power inputs with its own fast acting blade fuse
 * Dual Mosfet Output for Heatbeds
 * 8 Stepper driver slots with Digital pot control (when using SD8825)
 * 8 Mosfets with PWM control for Hotends/Fans/LEDs
 * 6 end stops inputs
 * 6 Thermistor inputs
 * 2 Thermocouple inputs
 * Wide input(12-24V) high efficiency switching Power supply (5v @ 1A)
 * microSD card socket built-in
 * On board SMT buzzer
 * Fused and Zener protected +5v Vcc line.
 * Ultra Low RDSon, High power Mosfets for minimal heat buildup
 * Input power selector for micro controller [USB or internal regulator]
 * High current capacity connectors and PCB traces.
 * Made with 2 oz. copper 4 Layer and RoHS compliant PCB
 * Expansion ports and breakout pins
 * Screw terminal or crimp type connector options
 * Level shifted RX/TX line ( for direct serial connection to Raspberry Pi and similar 3.3v boards)

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This looks interesting, no Linux support though. The new 1.0 version is open source and has some interesting features.

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Our new, highly advanced Reprap enclosure has been performing very well with ABS.
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This is an interesting concept.

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I mentioned the Kraken block was small, here are a couple of pictures of it next to an LM8UU.  Obviously it'll get a little taller once the nozzles are placed on it, which I'm working on.  Just got some 8mm grub screws put in place, grabbing a water pump and doing a leak test while designing a carriage for it.  Roy from Panucatt said he had some Azteeg "Pro" models coming in, which has electronics support for 4 stepper drivers.  Release the plastic indeed.
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I've been thinking about an enclosure for my 3D printer. The box the new car seat came in seemed like a good place to start. The clearest problem is that access to the printer is cumbersome. I've even cut hatches in the back to get to the electronics. This confirms that my next version needs to include easily removable sides. Perhaps flush magnets or some sort of slide in and out slot, but some sort of easy access is critical to a successful enclosure.

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The latest on my Ord Bot build, running again! Learning about the PLA that Jared gave me.

In other news, I'm thinking about cutting a window in a cardboard box to put my printer in until I have time to build a proper enclosure. I think it'd improve the PLA, but especially the ABS prints.

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A vine video of my printer in action. Auto correct keeps trying to tell me the ord bot is an order bot. Please ignore that error.
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