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NAME Ashley Rogers.
GENDER Female.
Likes nothing.
Dislikes Walkers.
Eye color Blue.
Hair Color Blonde.
Crush ...secret...
Age 18
Personality I am mean. I can be nice. Sometimes.
Weapons Knife. Crossbow.
Bio When I was a young girl my dad and mom told me to get something from the store for them. I walked out of my house and started to walk to the store. When I was almost there I heard a noise in the woods. So I decided to follow it. Every step I took it kept getting closer and closer. I turned around a tree and saw something. A walker. I started running to go back to my house. I lost my way. I couldn't find my way back. I was scared. I didn't have a weapon on me. Then while I was walking because I had lost the walker. I stepped on something sharp. It went deep into my foot. It hurt. A lot. I fell down looked at my foot and saw a knife. I didn't know if someone left it for me. Or they just dropped it. Then I heard noises come from the woods. And I knew I was in the zombie apocalypse. And I haven't seen my parents since then. It has been 8 years since I have seen my parents. Or any living person. I have been surviving for a while now. I have been alive longer than I thought. I can't wait to meet real humans. Not dead people.

runs and turns a corner seeing walkers coming from all three ways uh-oh looks to my left then right seeing the walkers get closer and closers Help! Wait. Theres no one here. I'm dead. takes out my gun and starts shooting walkers in the head
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