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Name = Dante
Gender = Male Nephilim
Age = 26
Lives = Japan
Straight, Bi Or Gay = Bi
Status = Single
Personality = Sweet
Yaoi or Hentai Roleplay = Both
Weapons = 2 Pistols and 1 Sword Rebellion
Family = Vergil but hes dead to me i hate him i dont see him as my brother no more
Game = Devil May Cry
Anime = Devil May Cry
Powers = my hair becomes White and everything around me flies in the air and i get red demon Devil eyes

I am searching for a boyfriend That can treat me nice and loves me for what and Who i am Who wants to have a Relationship with me Let me know ok Alright i am tired of Being single i dont want it anymore i want to be loved by someone That exuatly cares about me i dont want to wait anymore please someone anyone love me...

who wants to roleplay with me let me know and add me as a friend ok greets from me ^^

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