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1) don't be a jerk, unless its for Rp purposes. No being racist/sexist/anything that will make someone feel less about them selfs.. Unless its for Rp purposes, and its too there character and its okay with the other person.. But even then don't go too over bored. Also no interrupting Rps.
2) No dragons are allowed or wings. (Sorry, I just want to keep this like the games... But the games lets you do almost anything, so have fun with that)
3) Don't be over powered, no one hitting (unless the other person says okay), don't sit there and get hit and not be hurt from it.. That's just bs, no instant knowing something's happening. (So if someone steals from you, and you're two rooms away, you act like you're two rooms away!)
4) Don't act like jerks too mods, when they are trying to help you.
5) Mods don't be jerks too the people! If they are being jerks too you, then let me know and we can find out what to do with the people.
6) No guns of any kind only swords, shields, and magic.
7) Have fun.
(Brake any rules, you will get a strike, 3 and you're out. But if you do really stupid things, or if you are being an annoying jerk, we will ban you.)

....Almost 120 people joined... Yet this community is so empty. XD Please make profiles and Rp to your hearts content!

I want to Point out it is The oblivion crisis not the oblivion incident also is this an Rp Community?

I'm trying to get a Fortify Enchanting enchantment in skyrim, I can't find it at all. I've seen Youtubers get it without a problem, is it bad luck or has it been removed?
(I use the Xbox 360 version with only the dawngard dlc)

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Thx for in vitings me guys

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(I'm not sure where to put my profile... But here it is.)
Name: "My name is Ivellios Nïalo, last time I checked"
Race: "I am a Wood Elf. I think..."
Gender: "I am a male."
Age: "Old enough. I am Middle-Aged. I don't like people knowing my Age."
Alignment: "Alignment... I hold no promises to any guild in this new land."
Weapons: "I do like my Dwemer Greatsword I found. I use that most of the time."
Powers: "I hold no powers that are unique, I can just heal myself"
Personality: "It depends. To people I like I am kind and caring. On the battlefield, I am vicious and Powerful."
Bio/Backstory: "At a young are my Mother and Father were slaughtered by orcs. I was orphaned in Skyrim for quite some time, until I was old enough to live on my own. I decided to become a adventurer. I have no impressive feat other then killing people. Even that I shouldn't be proud of."

Race (Please look up the races if you never played the games!)
Powers (Nothing over powered)
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