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Trinity & Friends, the annual Trinity festival that guarantees a great night is coming up! This time we're going to do things a little different

Open a Google Plus page +Discover Lebanon it is far better for your business

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Top 10 online branding tips

Below is a list of the top 10 tips that can assist you get better online branding:
1. Identity-Logo
2.  Website
3. Email Signature
4. Social Media
5. Social buttons
6.  Forum Signatures
7. Online Reputation Management
8. Blogging Your Brand
9. SEΟ
10. Newsletter

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Why Branding Online is Important

Branding is the progression of determining the identity of a business! The “profile”, which is selected by a company, is also one of the major features that will influence the association to a certain degree that will be shaped with the consumers in the future. If you desire to position out and to correctly mirror in the public memory, you must acquire your own identity.
A business without a precise and separate identity is very hard to develop and get bigger in a competitive market. It must repeatedly work harder to discover new customers and sometimes even go out of budget to acquire each customer.

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7 Don`ts for Facebook Page Development
1. Inviting friends
You must not invite all of your friends but no more than the ones you think that are interested; you should respect people’s privacy.
2. Spam posts
Do not let spam posts and links inside Fan Page`s wall. This kind of restraint is not against independence but it guarantees that users will esteem the page members.
3. Postings management
Do not maintain on posting your website`s, products’ and company feeds, post other useful tips.
4. Do not spam your fans
Do not keep sending promotional announcements on daily basis. It is not efficient but irritating.
5. Do not overlook the Privacy issues
Do not tag users without a specified authorization. Privacy is an important part that you should be extra suspicious of.
6. Do not create fake accounts
Do not produce fake accounts to stand for or support brands. Your goal in your campaign should be to create targeted relationships and not to collect fans.
7. Do not be so serious
Do not take yourself so serious. People all the time get pleasure from a cool attitude

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7 DOs for Facebook Page Development
1. Facebook Page Content
Upload images, videos, texts and other media types about your brand, targeting the benefits of the public you desire to create.
2. Discussions
Try to appoint users by asking and answering on a variety of updates. People are more probable to interrelate to a human tone of voice instead of a freezing corporate talking.
3. Contests and games
Be inventive! Inspire people to take part and adjoin entertainment significance to their online experience.
4. Reward your fans
Why am I supposed to hit the “Like” button? Do you present only information for your company and products? A way to get more “Likes” is to provide something extraordinary for your fans. (Vouchers, special offers etc)
5. Promote your Fan Page
Include your Fan Page`s link in your website, blog, e-mail signatures newsletters and printed media.
6. Create Custom Tabs
Create custom tabs with forceful images.
7. Negative reviews
You must always be ready to answer a negative review and you must not just try to veil it by deleting the post. This involves a particular rule and the correct representative to handle this kind of situations

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