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My Stains

Let me see
if I can turn ink stains
to peacock feathers .

But no wonder
since a poet ,I 'm supposed to perform miracles.

May the star of ink smear
always shine
upon my finger.

But one already does actually.

dilip vyas

( c) poem & images dilip vyas 2016

I rather perform another deep
Relation, fabulous impact
That, a release from past
Living in cautious, to dancing
More loving than present
Concert, try to recover our
Sweet hour, our present our past!
Good morning from morning
To good night, we will be nice,
Then you will die again .
How , life a moulding clay,,

A copyright material of ©Kanta Roy
Shared on 4. 22.1 7.

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As I wipe off your eyes
With my inky fingers
They say tears & stain were in tact
But now both disfigured !

Dilip Vyas

( c) poem & image Dilip Vyas


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darkness in step well

receiving softly falling light.

every corner smiles !

Dilip Vyas

( c)Image & Poem Dilip Vyas


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No wind now1

No wind now;
There was suppressed
Pregnancy pain of swan's
Was yel of some ending song;
Beach was of no silicon bright
In disguise !
Tree was to burn under naked
curious sun!
laughs with tears,
washes new grown leaf
Miss wind to blow the leaves!
No breath of dead man's soul!
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এখন ত বাতাস নেই।

হাঁসেদের পোয়াতির ব্যাথা
ছিল গোপন সংযোজন,
গেল গেল রব ছিল,
বালিয়ারি চিক চিক, ধিক,
আস্ফালন অনেক যোগালে
কাঠ ফাটা রোদে পিঠ জ্বেলে
গাছটা, ঠায় সয়ে সয়ে, যখন
কচি পাতার ঢল নামে,
টল টল চোখ মুচকি হাসে।

এখন তো বাতাস নেই,
ফুল পাতা কে বইবে আর,
পংক্ষীরাজ কখন ঘাস পাতার সাথে
সব চিবিয়ে বসে আছে
এখন ত নিঃস্বাস নেই, মৃতদের

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The Miracle

The morning walk after so many days
Though a bit late
But surely got on the way.

Tense and flat patch as usual is the beginning.
Then the area of somewhat relief.
The none -- walkers in the way the hardest things.
When all these gone
There is none to stop.

This is the second phase of the monsoon.
Rains have eased now.
The thunders lightning heavy showers mostly gone
Only light and heavy drizzles allowed.

Sunshine comes out somewhat bold.
Making the insignificant said flowers bloom.
And what a bloom !
As if a vast cherished dream has come true.
A different lovely spring has set in saying ' hallo '

These flowers are to be seen not to be smelt.
They in mass make the atmosphere fragrant.
They are my darling.
A few I most tenderly pluck and smell.

People are mostly awry of walks and wondering.
The nature here knows it so declares me a king .
A wordless and soothing silence pervades and the time it 's edge loses.

At the end
I sit beside the path
And let my thoughts free.
Misery and happiness sentiments keep reveal in me.

Since this is after a long gap 's walk
The misery has got a little more stuck.
Leaving no room for anything else.
I too get worried.

Lo ! at this very moment
Butterflies do arrive .
Only two colourful followed by a third plain.
And still the forth in lovely black.

I sight them for the first time
In this season.
They sit in front for a moment
And then away fly.
Ending all miseries n happiness
All the whats and whys..

Dilip Vyas

( c) Image & Poem Dilip Vyas 2016


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So beautiful a church
An unforgettable one .

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The Secret Joy Or the Secret of Joy

No cars no phones
Was our town 40 years back.
Hardly one fiat and 7-- 8 telephones
Precisely if I tell.

Yes I 'm talking the bicycle age
When birds liked even being in cage.

Everywhere were bicycles
On roads in streets at rendezvous .
To travel long distances only
Steam engine trains and ST buses due.

What a joy laid
In overcrowded big buses.
Where if you 're lucky
Be crushed by beauty hussies !
( or you yourself get someone crushed !)
A total heaven for ejaculations.

Even after being plucked
Roses continue to bloom in lady 's hair.
No TVs no videos no mobiles
But cinemas and songs& news on air.

It was the age of pens and pencils
Pens that stained fingers.
Stains that surpassed writings
Detested by us dandy teenagers.

Of course we used to make exceptions
In pretty girls cases.
So lovely those inky fingers
We never minded left traces.

The exquisite stains were true joy
And a rare secret delight.
For they painted our mind's sky more blue
In the day and at night !

Dilip Vyas

( c) Image and poem Dilip Vyas 2016

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When we 're just 12 and in school
Our small village got electrified.
Until then we lived darkness.
A whole age of lantern illumination.
Genuinely soft n harsh. Truly smelt.
An all time play of light & shadow.

Today I thank god for it.
Thank for the bye gone luxury.
Since the golden time can 't be back.

It Is only when fortune smiles
The lights are gone
And the lovely darkness shone.
For a few minutes.

People are afraid ( or like to be shown afraid) of darkness.
But I don't ( how can I be ?)

I fill my pen with it
And write poetry.

Dilip Vyas

(C) Image & poem Dilip Vyas 2016


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Monsoon Vegetation
Alang Bhavnagar India
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