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A hint of what's to come

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Reference update for Carnellian since I realized brown pants with a black suit was f0kin stupid

Excuse the awkward line work, this was also done with pen

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Here we have Heavy Security AI Housing Unit, formerly known as Surveillance Bot 422K. Remade and redesigned, the art will see improvement soon, so ignore the stuff that seems off

Name: Bot 422K

Model: Aperture Millitary Robotics Division Heavy Security AI Housing Unit

Purpose: Stand guard and protect areas of high importance at all costs

Specs: stands at 13 feet tall. Most areas protected with steel piping or Titanium plates. Two extra large liquid carbon tanks that power the machine, allowing it to run for close to 150 years. Only armaments are immense physical bulk and arm power. A punch can break a full test chamber beyond repair, and the unit just manages to push aside the Old Aperture vault door.

Disadvantages: extremely sluggish. Combined with copable amounts of rust, the heavy body is made for standing guard in one area, meaning that even though the legs are strong enough to support and walk, The Security Unit is incapable of running. The security unit has only one eye that looks at what is directly in front of it, anything to the sides and behind it it can't see. The main tubes feeding it liquid carbon from the tanks behind it are exposed, situated high atop the main body. Many of the inner workings are visible from the front, Any small object has the potential to jam certain functions.

Programmed Gender: uncertain

Personality: quiet, but capable of speech. Only speaks in one word or fragmented sentences, unless it's speaking with Diggs, the only other active Heavy Security AI. Voice is very deep, a bit airy? Gaspy? How do you say it?

Bio: the Heavy Security AI housing Unit was one of the last minor projects created under Cave Johnson's surveillance. Very few of them were made, since construction for the bodies was costly. Because of this, only 10 models were released

4 were sold and distributed to security companies and investors

2 were blown up upon the destruction of GLaDOS and the majority of the facility

1 ran out of power, and its empty gray and rusty shell lies in the salt mines, now home to a family of birds

1 is still conscious, but stuck in place guarding a door in lower aperture due to heavily rusted joints. The only one Bot 422K interacts with

And the last one is bot 422K, who survived the blast from upper aperture, at the cost of the area he was supposed to keep secure. Since that essentially meant 422K was relieved of his duties, it just aimlessly wandered around the upper remnants until it met Photon, the house droid prototype. Both of them now wander aimlessly as a team, salvaging whatever they can find, even if it belongs to an inactive yet fully functional robot

Well anyway that's it. Tell me if I missed anything important, I'm kinda half asleep while doing this.

(Once again. Excuse he shitty art quality. This drawing was a bit more experimental, since I only had access to a pen at the time)

I am going to make a public apology. I have been horrible, abusive and power hungry towards a fellow member, Siramay the showgun dragon network. I am truly and deeply sorry for my inhuman acts, and I have a reasonable explanation for this. I get extremely.... Rude when I'm annoyed. I feel so bad.

+Cave Johnson Chariots

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//Yes I know Im a weab background wise, but all I have too say is this "Woman" better be one of you lucky fellows because im damn well proud

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Name: 901D
Core Designation: The original design of the companion cube, This was scrapped and Left abandoned outside the Laboratories, He's dug himself in now and is waiting for a test subject who needs help.
Appearance: Is made of 5 karat gold, Has arms and legs, Presumably killed someone in his past days, Smells like an environmentally near decomposed body, Has 2 glowsticks on his sides, And possibly got vandalized.
Location in facility: Everywhere, as he usually just disappears into a wall and finds himself in the next test chamber, Or somewhere else altogether.

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Name: major

Age: uuuhh siramay: how old are you?
major:lets see...hmmmmm abboouutt 28

Position: lead engenir

Species: robotic phantom tiger thing


Aperence: pic
Notes: based on the voice from there is no game
kinda android
phantom guard
friend me on animal jam siramay2

siramay: is verey mad trigeeerrrddd
brings major out of game gives him body beats the poo out of him
and that's how we became best friends :D
OH THEN I SAID HE SHOULD WORK AT APERTURE BECAUSE FAMILY MATERS (CAPS LOCK) and so he works there (this is on the right one right?)
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