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Clover sits on the iron fence that surrounds the graveyard at midnight, gently humming to herself while being bathed in the moonlight before noticing you walking up Oh, Kouki! What's up? she smiles happily
((for +Ichika Orimura but others can join in later))

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[[This is another one of Hikari's RP accounts, she just wanted a peko so she made a Peko. The AU will be switched around a bit. And also, I'm bringing in Peko because why not <3]]

Name: Peko Pekoyama
Age: 17
SHSL talent: Swordswoman / Kendo-ka
Birthday: Jun 30
Zodiac: Cancer
Personality description: Peko doesn't talk much, but when she does she is quite cool.
Bio: Peko is the legitimate daughter of Hikari, but she wanted to be her mother's body guard, and rather calling her Maruyama than mother. Peko has learned her attitude from Hikari, and she is quite proud of it. She has a boyfriend named Fuyuhiko, but he lives out of town.
Sexuality: Asexual
Romantic orientation: Heteroromantic
Species: Vampire

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[[Closed for +Taylor Fox Hubbell.]]

Peko stands in the throne room, looking around, and her practice sword on her back. The throne room was rather empty, however, a tall, pale figure walked in, with long black hair. The young swordswoman was curious to who this was. The figure walks up to her and greets her with a simple hello.
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((Re-uploading this so I can put  +Hikari Maruyama 光丸山 / Satsuki Kiryuin 鬼龍院 皐月 's sprite of her in it. I will however say that Kyoko has molten honey hazel eyes, not blue. :3))
Name: Kyoko Emi Okami
Age: 14
Species: Vampiric angel
Height: 4'0
Weight: 100 (mainly in the chest, hips and butt)
Sexuality: Bisexual
Zodiac: Leo
Birthday: August 14th
Appearance: Short but buxom with curly white-blonde hair, molten honey eyes, delicate fingers and the voice of an angel.
Personality type: A mix of Kamidere, Dandere, tsundere and Himedere.
Personality description: Kyoko can best be described as being an enigma, even to herself. She can fly from being jovial to in tears at the drop of a hat. But she's always kind and humble, willing to help no matter what.
Bio: Kyoko is the daughter of Mordred De'Morte and the twin of Zero De'Morte, but no one knows besides Mordred as he was trying desperately to spare his son's feelings and protect his daughter from harm(as she was born with immense power in her blood). Up until now, Kyoko has been raised by the maids and has acted as a servant of the castle, but Mordred feels as if she should receive the treatment she rightfully deserves as a princess and so he has sought out foreign royalty to see if they will take in his secret daughter until she and Zero are old enough to be told of her real relationship with them.
Weapon: A blood scythe and blades that she attaches to her arms.
Special talents: Martial arts, blood magiks, fire magiks, and a special kind of shadow magiks that allows her to "become one" with the shadows and travel/attack using them. In addition, she has creationist powers that are typically reserved to God, demons and angels, being able to create things using the energies around her.
Status: Hikari's adopted/fostered child.
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(Arigato +nozomilkies for the sprite!))
Name: Clover Aya Crimson/De'Morte (she has an inner vampire named Sorcha)
Age: 17
Race: half-vampire half-elf
height: 5'0
weight: 140 (most of that weight is in the chest, butt, and hip areas)
Weapon: Magics and a shadow scythe
Physical description: Short but buxom with molten honey eyes, adorable features, delicate fingers and short reddish-brown hair.
Personality type: Dandere mainly.
Personality description: She is a sweet, maternal person who tends to be funny and light-hearted. Highly-intelligent and very perceptive she tends to be studious and painfully optimistic in addition to being personable yet shy.
Zodiac: Leo
Birthday: August 14th
Sexuality: bisexual
Backstory: Clover was born and raised in Nippon before the new Emperor took over, she had a happy childhood until then. Once the new Emperor took charge her father, who was Irish, was killed by the guards for being a foreigner. Her mother was then hauled off to be part of the harem of their town's noble family, which left Clover to fend for herself. She ended up in an assassin's guild, which took her in and trained her to be a shadow killer. However she ended up being caught by the government and sentenced to death. The guild she worked with managed to set her free and help her escape the country before her execution and she ended up here, in Mordred's kingdom. Mordred sheltered her and adopted her into his family. She hasn't been this happy in years.
Special talents: Fire, blood, and shadow magiks. Martial arts and assassin's master training.

Hikari's theme: Danganronpa OST 1-26: Beautiful morning

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Kyoko Okami's theme: World is Mine (Miku-Tan English dub)

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Name: Celestia Ludenberg
Nickname: Celeste
Age: 20
Birthday: November 23rd (Sagittarius)
Appearance: Celeste has a slim figure and pale skin. She has black hair in two large twin-drill pigtails, red eyes, gold earrings, and black nail polish. Celeste wears a Gothic Lolita-style outfit, consisting of a white blouse with a Peter-Pan collar, a black jacket that includes white ribbon lacing down the sleeves, fastened by a simple ribbon across her chest to show her red tie with a butterfly pattern on it and the waist of her skirt, which is many-tiered and features white lace. She wears knee-high stockings trimmed in ladder lace, red mary janes with a thick heel, a white lace headpiece and a silver, almost weapon-like ring on her finger.
Special Talents: Gambling
Weapon: Solitaire Cards
Personality: An experienced gambler, Celeste appears collected and cunning by nature. She possesses the ability to manipulate others into her bidding and can lie with a straight face.
Likes: Gambling, lying, cards,music
Dislikes: unknown
Bio: She spent most of her life gambling, and has not heard the word "lose" in a very long time. She has one games countless times, , even ones at the stake of her own life, but was able to win regardless. Celeste also used to visit a cafe, where she would enjoy her preferred royal milk tea. She also wishes for for a life of royalty
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"M-my name is Mikan Tsumiki. Um... From the bottom of my heart, I hope we can get along."

Name: Mikan Tsumiki
Age: 17
Birthday: May 18 
Species: Vampire (changed for special reasons)
Weapon: Syringes, surgical knives, etc
Physical description: Tsumiki's height is average. Her hair is long, purple, and is often disheveled because bullies like cutting chunks out of her hair.
Personality type: INFP, basically Dandere to the extreme
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 120 lbs
Zodiac: Taurus
Sexuality: Lesbian (Tsumiki being a lesbian is only fanon because of her love for Junko Enoshima)
SHSL/Special Talent: Nurse
Bio: Tsumiki is a nurse, who often tripped on her own feet a lot. Before coming to this kingdom she was a nurse who often took place of the nurse working in her school's clinic. She was often bullied, describing her disheveled hair. 

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Name: Zero De'Morte
Age: 14
Character Birthday:  August 21
Race: Vampire
Height: 4'2
Weight: 90 pounds
Weapon: Blood scythe
Physical description: Small for his age, violet hair, pinkish-red eyes and delicate features and fingers.
Personality type: A kuudere/yandere/dandere mix.
Personality: Zero is a shy, yet sophisticated young prince of the region. Despite his normally aloof appearance, he's actually very sweet and sensitive, though he'd never tell you. Zero is highly intelligent and love music, being able to play the piano and sing beautifully for someone his age.
Zodiac: Leo
Sexuality: Bisexual
Backstory: Zero was born is the royal family here and has been treated like precious china ever since his birth, due to his fragile body. Despite this, Zero remains humble and personable, if a bit shy. Though he does live with the knowledge that his mother died giving birth to him.
Special talents: Fire and blood magiks
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