OMG!!! Just got my sister's 6th Grade Schedule. There are so many new teachers @ Brooks!!! I still can't blieve tht Mrs, Dooley isn't doing Speech, Drama, Debate... My sister won't b able to meet her til she's in 7th!!! New Brooks Sucks... hopefully the student concil can help keep things cool!! So anyone get theirs yet?
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Hi I'm the Maker of Brookland! If u want to join this "community"... Create ur own life... what's ur name, ur job, ur husband/wife? Do wat u want w ur life...

I now declare 2morrow Easter Eve...
Make ur own creation 4 an Easter decration...
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Family and

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This is the REAL Game of Life! Choose Your Name for DAY ONE!!! After a couple of people join I'll post DAY TWO!!!

What is your new years resolution?

How's the 6th Grade Show coming along? Don't you love Ms.Orlin? She's so sweet! Love ya Ms.O!

What are you guys doing for the HOLIDAYS?
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