Ho appena installato litchi sul mio S7 Edge, ho un phantom4 ma non ho il ritorno della fotocamera al mio telefono anche se l'applicazione è connessa.

Non ho nessuna applicazione in background ho forzato arresto.

Sono deluso pensavo di risolvere i miei problemi con l'applicazione dji go4

Hi Litchi,
Just got the Mavic and not too happy about the way DJI are performing with it.... or not performing as the case may be, and may users have advised to go with your application.

Before I dump yet even more money into the Mavic, I wanted to ask if you do a trial version or can do a trial version for IOS?

Would really appreciate any help you can give



In VR mode, is it possible to switch between drone camera and phone camera?
(like in the Visual-Vertigo DJI app).
This would be very useful when flying with VR goggles

Even better would be if it was possible to combine drone camera and phone camera (or map) on same display while wearing the VR goggles


Thank you for you outstanding product
Unfortunately, we couldn't find the license information on https://flylitchi.com. Especially we need some info about the terms of the commercial usage. Could you share it via alaptev@citorus.ru

Best regards!

Will you be building a version for Autel Robotics drones? I would love to be a beta tester!

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I have owned this app for a few months now. I own several FPV systems that work fantastic. Unfortunately this app does not work for me. I have read the manual, FAQ, youtube and google, to the point of frustration.I can't get the vr image any larger than a postage stamp on 4 different android devices. I don't seem able to find anything about resizing the vr image to a useable one.

App does not work on my Galaxy Tab S2. Can I get a refund ?

Just wondering what would be the lowest height i could orbit around an object? with the dji go app it is 15ft and for automotive shooting thats too high. dont want to purchase the app if it wont work for what i need.
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