Rummage Sale inside Exline Country Sore, Saturday, March 1st, beginning at 7:00 am. Multi family sale!

Just a reminder to all, this Sunday is our Dinner and a Movie !!
$10.00 will get you a home style meal and "It's A wonderful Life" movie showing at The Majestic.
Meal served at 4:30pm with movie starting at 6:00pm at The Majestic Theater.

Information on the efforts of Betterment or Bust group and their efforts in the levee area!

NEW FLOWER POTS:  In place, leveled, planted and BEAUTIFUL!  $1200 donation by Garden Club!  Thank you Mike and Joyce for placing them and leveling them!  Plants look great, too!  Thanks to the Greenhouse also.  Great successful effort by ALL!
TREES:  Joyce Thomas is looking into Trees Forever for green space trees.
NE GREEN SPACE:  Kauzlarich gave permission to use the lot.  Flint Wahl will deliver several loads of dirt as soon as it dries up a bit.  Jack Kennelly of BOB will disk or till it.  Bev is getting pricing for vinyl fence backdrop.  Joyce is getting pricing for landscaping. Cement benches –not metal ones-from the square may be able to be used for green spaces.  BOB Group will pour and place concrete pads for benches when needed.  See Other Considerations below for ideas to discuss.
SE GREEN SPACE:  Ryan Stober will work with us.  He doesn’t have the equipment to take up the concrete slabs.  Consider leaving them and mowing around or over them for ground mosaic look or find someone to remove them.  Consider nationality flags or space similar to NE Green Space
SW GREEN SPACE:  John Heubner will work with us and if building to the west is not removed, the BOB Group will paint the wall.  Consider nationality flags or space similar to NE Green Space.
DEPOT GREEN SPACE:  Consider landscaping around caboose and cement benches.  BOB Group is looking into the caboose as a bed and breakfast.
NATIONALITY FLAGS AND POLES PRICING: Decent black (to go with flower pots) 20’ commercial pole with a ground collar and ball on top.  See the photo below.  Quantity-order at least 7 at a time $450 ea.  One at a time-$500 each.  Satin aluminum ones are $20 less.   Dannco’s discount was passed on but since these will be shipped by truck an estimated shipping amount was added in.  Can get cheaper poles but If we’re going to find sponsorships, they need to last awhile.  Lorraine suggested 2-3 people sponsoring a flag and pole.  Hope they will last 10 years?  Consider placing about 15 of them on each of the South Green Spaces for spectacular entry to the levee. 
FLAGS:  Nylon double-stitched 3’x5’ flags average $40 each including shipping.  These are the recommended size and type for the poles above and flying them 24/7.  Not every country flag is the same price but it would be easier to have an average cost for sponsorship purposes.
LIGHT POLES AND BANNERS:  The Tourism Committee will repair electrical services, purchase banner brackets and banners and Christmas decorations for the seven existing goose neck light poles.  Steve Hawkins wants to know if the Chamber will pay for the labor to paint the seven metal light poles on the levee?  I have asked him to furnish the paint-preferably black but if not black, dark green.  Will be scraped, spot primed and painted with exterior acrylic enamel.  Nancy is getting an estimate for banner brackets and 2’x5’ banners.  
Ryan Stober-Centerville Produce is building a new building behind the current scales that connects to the big white building at the back of the lot.  He wants us to give him some ideas for the space between the old Bel Air and his existing Centerville Produce.  When his new building goes up he will no longer need the storage truck, etc. 
Frank Belloma-Machine Shop-Has planted flowers and will consider replacing sidewalk to the north in front of the house.
Frank Carrachio-Factory Direct Carpet-Will repaint sign and do flower planting.  Vicki will also take care of plantings near entrance of the store.
Tom-Eagles-will ask members about replacing upper window and doing curtains instead of boarding over.  There are plans to repaint the flag and eagle on the south side.  If landscaping or fencing is done infront of parking lot (owned by Cheryl Curtis) between Eagles and Bel-Air it needs to be low so it doesn’t obscure flag mural and need spaces for walkways in landscaping from parking to sidewalk.  Will ask members about trading 2 old planters for one new one.  Old ones will be moved to NE green space. 
Moorman Cabinets:  Needs front areas repainted.  Will ask them or the BOB Group.
Awnings:  Consider asking owners to put colorful striped closth awnings on Dollar Store, Pet Store, Laundry and gray apartment buildings.  See about replacing windows in building next to Bel-Air.
Other Considerations:  Try to recruit business such as A&W, Subway or Sonic to levee area.  Consider ice cream shop or similar for old Bel-Air.  
Mike Thomas here…  Joyce and I were working on the levee, getting the pots leveled, filled with dirt, and later working with the Garden Club planting the flowers.   And crazy thoughts run through my head as I remembered how the Levee used to be, with all the business, and then that song by the Statler Brothers, “Do  You Remember These”.  What if I rewrote the lyrics to that song to reflect the business on the levy and we get some one to record it?  Then we place an adult swing set on the Tent & Awning Corner,  and call it “A Time to Remember”,  “A Place to Remember”, or “I Remember”.  In other words, give people a place to get out relax, reflect, maybe some pictures, or smart phone links to a web site we can develop to show what the Levee used to be, and it’s history.    I pitched the swing set idea to the Garden Club Ladies and they liked it.   We saw this system at the Alabama Pioneer Museum.  It is
Funding:  Not enough TIF funds for curbs and sidewalks.  DOT has no plans for improving Highway 5 through this area so we will not do curbs, sidewalks, walkways or trees in sidewalks at this time.  Tourism and the City are doing light poles, banners and Christmas decorations.  Some funding from a memorial is available for the NE Green Space and will be used for fencing/landscaping.  All other items will be sponsored or donated.  The BOB Group will consider helping with fund raising. 

Lisa, you guys did an amazing job at the trivia event. I loved seeing that room full and all the support for the historical society. I'd say you hit it out of the park. Looking forward to doing it again!

Up to 13 members now!  Nice!  There is still an interest in and effort toward becoming an Iowa Main Street Community. You/we all want a vibrant downtown.  What do we need to keep and what do we need to improve in our  downtown community?

My thought is that we need to focus on the positives, while working on the negatives. I just found out in the past two weeks that Centerville, Iowa was named by Outdoor Life Magazine, the #5 place in the United States to live for people who enjoy outdoor activities - hunting, fishing, trails, etc!!!  We need to focus on that fact, while trying to make improvements where we are lacking.
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