I just bought the premium version to be able to clone WhatsApp. Now the cloned version cannot sync. The only usable contacts are the contacts on my phone. Is this normal?

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App Cloner test run on an Android Wear 2.0 watch. It even works - sort of... I had to scale the DPI to 75% (similar to the Display size option) and disable the confirmation dialog as the OK button is off screen. Unfortunately it seems you can't install APKs from inside Android Wear (there's no Unknown sources option).

Still, I will try this on a few cloned apps, enabling Android Wear support to see if they can be used on smart watches. Any favs?
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Just so you are aware and because I often get asked why the WhatsApp clones are not showing notifications when in the background, many devices have pre-configured rules that allow the original WhatsApp to run in the background by default (because WhatsApp is so popular).

These rules don't apply to WhatsApp clones, so the system may be automatically putting clones to sleep when they are in the background and not being actively used. This includes background services that receive push messages.

So please check your battery-saving settings and allow the WhatsApp clone to be running in the background. For example, on Samsung devices it's under Device maintenance > Battery > Unmonitored Apps.

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As requested by James Ward, here the 'Make camera app' option that will allow you to launch a clone by double-pressing the power button. This will probably only work on Nexus and Pixel devices or on stock Android ROMs. It works under LineageOS on a Nexus 5. Unfortunately, on Samsung devices it still launches the default Samsung camera app.
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Hi there. I am using this clone app on one game clash of clans.. I wanted to buy some gems but it wont let me because its saying update google play store. But it is already up to date. I can buy gems on my main. But i like to buy on my clone as well. Why dont we have this feature. I paid for it to get extras features you guys have. Thought maybe it would let me buy gems . but it keeps saying connect to google play and its not letting me on my clone.. Why cant we buy gems.. It be great.. I heard go multiple does it. But my android tablet wont let me download app so i seen tis app cloner hoping we could have access to google play. Why not?? I bet alot of people be happier if we could.. :))

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I'm trying to buy the premium version of AppCloner through my PayPal account, but I can not complete the translation, the balance is enough to buy ...
Can I pay you directly?

Thank you
Ernesto Castellotti

Is there a trial for the paid version?
I can't clone an app that uses google maps and want to see if the paid version allows me to clone it.

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I keep getting this error😢😢

I don't know if this is a bug or something else, anyway: today I had a small issue while updating a cloned app. Here's what happened

Yesterday I freshly cloned twice an app, Telegram, to use threed different accounts on my phone.

These two clones have the same settings, but different icons/icon badges/icon colors. Thier clone numbers are 1 & 2

Today I have updated Telegram (the original apk) to a new version, and as expected, two notifications popped out, asking me wether I want to update my clones or not. I first have cloned the first clone (clone n° 1), and then the second clone (clone n° 2).

Problem is, while the two apps keep on working perfectly, now clone n°1 has the same icon (color, badge, mirrored) of clone n°2(the lastly updated clone).

I assume the 1st clone has been cloned using the settings of the lastly created clone (clone n°2).

Just to avoind misundertandings, let me list what I did in the right order:
- created clone1 from the original app
- created clone2 from the original app, using the same settings but different icon color/badge of clone1
- updated original app
- updated clone1 from the notification
- updated clone2 from the notification
- clone1 now has the same icon/badge of clone2

Is this how it is supposed to work? Because I thougth that the two clones would have been updated each one using its own settings

AppCloner 1.4.7, OnePlus One running LineageOS 7.1.2
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