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⚠️Brand new interview with the lovely lady of Nightwish is online!
I hope you'll learn at least something new about Floor from our chat 😊

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"We Want It" features songs, which have stood the test of time and still sound fresh and full of energy. Combined with the inimitable vocals of Gudrun Laos(Aino Laos), LAOS created a milestone of female rock.
Gudrun Laos delivered background vocals for other artists such as AXEL RUDI PELL.

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Olá todo mundo, eu #DJ e #produtormusical, esse é meu novo projeto, é um #rock essa #música, eu produzi no #abletonlive, no #ableton #live10 , e eu sou do #techno e do #trance, e esse é o terceiro rock que produzo, dois em 2018 e um em 2016, eu não sou #roqueiro, eu não sou do rock, para quem gosta e ama rock, muito obrigado se vocês escutarem ‘’ #Apocalypse ‘’, eu vou repetir eu não sou produtor musical do rock ok , e eu tentei fazer uma produção e um projeto legal de rock ,e eu espero que gostem os fãs do #rocknroll do #brasil e do mundo os #homens e as #mulheres, os roqueiro e #roqueira, #paz para todo mundo.

Hello everybody, I'm a DJ and a #musicproducer, this is my new project, it's a rock that #music, I made it in ableton live, in ableton live 10, and I'm techno and trance, and this is the third rock I produce , two in 2018 and one in 2016, I'm not rock, for those who like and love rock, thank you very much if you listen ‘’ Apocalypse ‘’, I'll repeat I'm not rock music producer ok, and I tried to make one production and a cool rock project, and I hope you like rock n roll fans from #Brazil and the #world #men and #women, #peace for everyone.
Apocalypse by AC
Apocalypse by AC

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1992's Shock to the System was the album from Canadian melodic rock band Wall of Silence which was produced by Mike Slamer and is one of the genre's better albums. The band, played the kind of melodic arena rock that bands like Signal, Unruly Child or Harem Scarem. Think melodic guitar hooks, soaring choruses, smooth vocals and lots of songs about love. If you're a fan of any of the bands mentioned above, you're gonna' love this one!

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Mr. MimiCry - Warlock monológja

Warlock monologue

I look puzzled, in someone’s dream,
No matter what I feel during the darkness.
I don’t know why, because the torment screams,
That’s my half-brother, thank goodness!

The archangel’s blood flows within me.
Still can’t find my own place!
I should make peace, I’ve become too evil,
And my dear Father is no longer with me!

In my heart no doubt, they hate me,
They torture me.
I’ll not be silent, in Holy judgement;
Make your new attack the toughest!

Mr. MimiCry - Modern Carmina (2016)
Género: Mistyc Metal
País: EU
01. Intro - Dies Irae - Official Lyric Video
01. Intro - Dies Irae
02. It’s A Thirsty World - Szomjas Világ
03. A Heavenly Sign - Égi jel
04. I Am Nowhere - Sehol sem vagyok
05. Lator – A Tribute to E. M. - Lator – E. M. Tiszteletére
06. Warlock monologue - Warlock monológja
07. The Victim - Áldozat
Album Download:
Spotify, Deezer,, Amazon, Shazam, or other well-known online stores!
Mr. MimiCry - Facebook
Manager: Chelydra
E- mail:
Mr. MimiCry welcomes everyone to the community, here at G+!

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Remembering some of the greatest rockers from New Orleans, Louisiana !
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