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This looks really good, specially hot from the oven and buttered up (y).

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Orange Cake is very popular in Portugal, you can order it for breakfast in a cafe or make it from scratch at home! It's so full of flavor and best when it's at least a day old. 
You can find the recipe here:
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Bolo arco-íris (1)


6 claras
2 chávenas de chá de margarina
4 chávenas de chá de açúcar
2 chávenas de leite
6 chávenas de farinha
1 colher de de chá de fermento
1 colher de chá de açúcar baunilhado Suldouro
Corantes alimentares: verde, vermelho, azul e amarelo.

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Here are a few of my favourite Algarve recipes
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