Draw water from your own Wells

... no Outward Order, Counsel, or Advice, is sufficient Ground for any man to Practice this, or t’other thing, so as thereby to find Acceptance with the Lord, until the Conscience of such an one, by the Light of Christ Jesus, be convinced thereof: For every action in relation to the things of God, that springs not from an enlightened convinced Conscience, is but the fruit of a lifeless Form without the Power, and seems not to square with this Doctrine, draw water out of your own Wells; let it be your own, and not anothers: nor yet with that Doctrine which hath often been sounded in our Ears, to gather us from the Lo Here's, and the Lo there's.

Source: The Christian Quaker - William Rogers 1680

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Update - 11.5.2016
William Rogers Project

There has been a number of folks interested in studying Rogers' text, however, they report difficulty or frustration over reading the facsimile copy.

It has been part of of William Rogers Project to manually retype the entire manuscript. My intent to re-type was two-fold. 1. To completely immerse myself in the manuscript through the activity of re-typing the document. 2. To transform the manuscript into a research document that is easily searchable and allowing for more precise annotation etc.

The text will be re-typed without editing original spelling, capitalization, syntax, sentence structure, and type-set. The re-typed manuscript will have line numbers inserted into the body of the text to make for easier reference and cross-reference. It is my belief that the first re-typing the manuscript should be true to the original. I personally find the use of various type-set helpfully to understanding the meaning and the importance of some words and ideas over that of others.

However, because of the input of others, I have now integrated a 3rd reason to re-type Rogers' manuscript. That being to create a copy of the manuscript that is easier to read. I have decided to leave off some of the research I am currently engaged in (relative to William Rogers) to produce the re-typed manuscript earlier than I originally intended.

Here is a link to re-typed draft copy of the Preface of William Rogers "The Christian Quaker ..." for your perusal.

PDF of Re-typed Preface from Facsimile hosted on Dropbox:


Please feel free to email me your comments and suggestions at

Keith F. Saylor

In 1680 Friend William Rogers published a book documenting why some founding Friends were not of the same conscience as George Fox (and those who followed him) concerning the institutionalization of the gathering of Friends by establishing a specific set of outward forms and practices.

The following links comprise the whole of Rogers' work in the form of a facsimile of the original text. This is not a modernized form of the text. It is a copy I have compiled of the 17th century text rendered into PDF format.

Christian Quaker ... By William Rogers
Written 1680
All links point to PDF files

Title Page Image:


First Part

Second Part

Third Part

Fourth Part

Fifth Part



Here is a link to the Full Text in one file:

Please let me know if there are any issues with downloading the sections.

I am working on a modernized version of the book along with annotations and cross-references.


All parts of Rogers book are now available on Dropbox. I reduced the resolution of the pages to create smaller file sizes for those who wish faster downloads and reduced data charges.

Dropbox location:



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One of the most profound manifestations of the power of the inshining Light in my conscious and informing my conscience is the taking away of occasion for particular emotions or ideas to overshadow the inshining Light in circumstances of daily life. The occasions for anger, hate, intemperate joy, etc. have become less and less an influence because the inshining Light itself empowers me against such entanglements with outward forms.

The William Rogers Project is in the process of creating an electronic version of Roger's book "The Christian Quaker ..." written in 1680 and also creating a modernized text of the work along with detailed annotations. This forum will document the progress and share text that has already been fashioned into electronic form etc. 

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"And we found this light to be a sufficient teacher, to lead us to Christ, from whence this light came, and thereby it gave us to receive Christ, and to witness him to dwell in us; and through it the new covenant we came to enter into, to be made heirs of life and salvation. And in all things we found the light which we were enlightened withal, (which is Christ,) to be alone and only sufficient to bring to life and eternal salvation; and that all who did own the light in them which Christ hath enlightened every man withal, they needed no man to teach them, but the Lord was their teacher, by his light in their own consciences, and they received the holy anointing.
And so we ceased from the teachings of all men, and their words, and their worships, and their temples, and all their baptisms and churches; and we ceased from our own words, and professions, and practices in religion, in times before zealously performed by us, through divers forms, and we became fools for Christ's sake, that we might become truly wise."

Edward Burrough's Epistle to the Reader 1658

From The Great Mystery of the Great Whore Unfolded and Antichrist's Kingdom Revealed unto Destruction
By: George Fox

Burrough wrote his epistle, as he writes, seven years after the inception of the gathering of the Children of inshining Light. They had come into the inshining Light with such power that they knew the inshining Light itself in their consciences as their teacher. In this inshining Light, they "ceased from the teaching of all men, and their words, and their worships, and their temples, and their baptisms and churches and we ceased from our own words, and professions, and practices in religion."

The power of direct and unmediated experience of the inshining Light in the heart and conscience is a ceasing from dependency on outward forms. This is the power and essence of the Inshining experience.

You may read more of Borrough's Epistle here:

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