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Is anyone signing up to take a peek at another new newsfeed?

Brand managers / community managers are interested to see how brand updates and advertising will feature ...

Hey #socadl.

Wondering what people's thoughts are on G Communities so far? A few adventurous souls are posting, though doesn't seem to be fostering much conversation.

I like the idea, seems to solve a few problems from FB groups (especially search, and... not being FB).

But not so sure.  Biggest bugbear for me is no response-via-email.  It seems to make it that much harder to use it (I've only logged on three or four times, and each time just to experiment), and even less useful than Facebook...

And I'm assuming everyone needs to use a Google account to use it?  That would make it very impractical to set up as an online tool for IRL groups.

What's your experience been like?

Hey Prakky... wanna come, don't wanna rsvp on Facebook though... help me out? :)

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There's a very cool Socadl / Fringe / Yelp event coming up in a few weeks.

Wednesday 20 Feb. At the Fringe Club-Artist Bar.

"Adelaide Fringe invites socadl members to the exclusive Fringe Club for some informal drinks. Members of the Adelaide Fringe social media team will be there to chat through some exciting developments to explore at this year’s #ADLfringe.

Head to a show after, or hang out at the Fringe Club for the rest of the night and rub shoulders with artists."

RSVP via our Facebook community 

Hi all.

Today I noticed I had the capability to share from my mobile on Facebook.

Has anybody else seen this lately?

Hi all.

I'm looking for new venues to host Socadl events. We don't have a budget and that's why we often end up at pubs! However pubs don't suit everyone, and we can't always be guaranteed our own quiet space which is especially important if we have speakers.

If you work somewhere that has a meeting space or garden that could possibly be a Socadl venue, please let me know. Looking for any ideas. 

Did anybody notice brief changes to Facebook Insights in the admin panel this morning? Does anybody know anything?

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What are your views on this. Is social about branding and not sales?

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For those who blog... or try to :) 

Hi +Andrew Andrews  +Ashlee Baghurst and +Sally Clarke - thanks for being our 'early adopters' here. :)
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