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Profiles Royal of Arendelle
Queen Anna
+Queen Elsa 

Princess Elsa (sister of Anna)
+Snow Queen Elsa Frost of Arendelle™ 

Princess Emma (twin sister of Elsa)
+Elsa Queen of Arendelle 

Profiles Royal of Sothern Isles
King (dad of Hans)

Queen (mom of Hans)

Prince Hans
+Peter Pan 

-Princess Ilinea (Oldest sister of Hans)
+Jacqueline Leo 

-brother/sis (of Hans)

-brother/sis (of Hans)

-brother/sis (of Hans)

-brother/sis (of Hans)

-brother/sis (of Hans)

-brother/sis (of Hans)

-brother/sis (of Hans)

-brother/sis (of Hans)

-brother/sis (of Hans)

-brother/sis (of Hans)

-brother/sis (of Hans)

Profiles Royals of Wesontown


Profiles Royals of Corora
King (dad of Rapunzel)

Queen (mom of Rapunzel)

Princess Rapunzel
+princess Elsie of warter 

Princess Rose
+Princess Rosetta 

Long lost sister of Rapunzel
+Raspberry Delight 

Normal Profiles

+:Jake FrostByte: 

Joe Isaacson
+Joe Isaacson 

Chung Li
+Alicia Varona 

+Derrick Marshall 

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Name Twilight Sparkle
Age 18
Power none
Likes Science
Dislikes Canterlote high
Apperance shown in photo
Personality Kind , curious and sensitive
Bio it's was the day of the friendship games and I was full of curiosity everyoneat chs seemed to know me but I didn't know them then I found a group of girls who knew my dogs name tow and after the friendship games I transferred to Chs .

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Full Name:Auorra Le Fay


Age:32(real age is much longer)
Apparel:gold sword and a sliver dragger
Neutral mostly but changes sides to benefit her.
Bio:she is a high priestess of the old religion.She was raised by her father the King of the fey mostly before she did a rebirth spell allowing her to be reborn as the Fire Lord and the storm queen's daughter .Her father knew what she done but eventually was okay with this.
Her reborn bio is this:
Auorra was born as the daughter of the fire lord.She is used to a life of luxury.She inherited both of her parents power.She is the crown princess of both her mother and father's kingdom.She will do anything to become queen of her father's kingdom.Her mother's kingdom is named Areaphea.She treats commoners no better than dirt and people even gossip that she's a witch which is kind of true as her grandmother from her mother's side was a powerful witch.

Other:she is a high priestess and a half princess of the fey (can change her appearance)

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Name:Queen Elizabeth of Sodor
Nicknames:Liz or Lizzy
Power:Elemental and Healing
Likes:Almost everything
Dislikes:People being mean or rude to her family and friends
Personality:Sweet, kind, bubbly, loud, adventurous, brave
Appearances:Hair and eyes change colors depending the power she is using
Bio:When she was 10 her parents went missing. So it was just her older brother, her best friend and her. Then a couple years later her older brother went missing. A few months she shut out her best friend Gabriel out scared she might hurt him. A year later she had to run away cause her evil uncle and aunt were planning on killing her to take over the throne. That's where she met her friends in Arendelle. Years pass and she was 20 now she defeat her evil uncle and aunt and claim the throne. She stop shutting out Gabriel and there together now. A few months later her brother came back, but let her rule Sodor. They now look for there parents while she rules Sodor. 
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walks in the woods and looks around
then you..

I walk around the Castle's outline while a shadow follows me around. The shadow pulls out a weapon and slowly tries to hit me. You see it then...

((Open for anyone))

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