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Hello everyone! Welcome to Geek Wars! This is a group where you get to debate about your favorite character! Is it better than another? Why is that? Here are the rules and enjoy! ^^

1. No swearing. Please keep it clean
2. If you want a battle of the brains, tell the owner or a moderator who or what you're defending for (in the "defence" section), and when you find someone who's reasonable to challenge, tell a mod or the owner if you want to challenge that person/defender.
3. Please be a fair player and don't make up any false information. Use information that is true.
4. Only the owner may post in the winner section

Geek off rules:
1. It'll be one vs one
2. There must be three voters (1 owner and two mods/ 3 mods)
3. Each person takes turns, giving there reasons for winning

Geek order:
1. History of your character
2. Powers
3. Forms (if any for your character)
4. Strengths

Failure to follow the rules results in a ban from the community.
1. A warning.
2. Ban for 1 week.
3. Ban from the community for good


This group has been silent for many (and I mean MANY) weeks. A debate on why a character is better then others will occur on April 30th! If we do not have enough members competing, this group WILL BE DELETED!! There is no point in owning or moderating...

Everyone has until November 31st to make a post. The debate will stay then! Better hurry!

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I defend vaporeon 

I defend Ice Wolf from Undertale!


So what this about 

My defence is going to be on the Zydenryu's, or the dino zords from dino charge
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