Hello is anyone there in this group

Hello everyone I too am a fan of yousuga no sora if you could please help me then let me know how to see all the episodes of yns cause I have searched in YouTube in Many different names but I couldn't find it except for the 1st and 2nd eps I have to see this anime at any cost so pleaseeeeeeeeeee help me finish it fans of yns

aight so im a fuckin bear
deal with it
Im a HORNY bear tho ;))))
is laying down in my cave, eatin a damn salmon
suddenly my BIG BEAR COCK gets large
...also if you could be my sexy ass momma bear that'd be great

any of yall bitches wanna roleplay hit my line hurrrd

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One day, I will fall asleep beside you and wake up with you.

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Name:sora kasugano
I'm new here this image is from yosuga no sora you all heard of it before do u know where to find the series cause i looked on crunchy roll and it wasn't there so yea that would really help if u knew

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"Hi I'm Yui What's your name?"
Name: Yui Noriko
Age: 11
Gender: Female
Likes: Sweets, Anime, dying hair, and uncle
Dislikes: Horror and perverts
Personality: Quiet, silly. smart, and nice
Weight: 76lbs 
Height: 5ft 1in
Bio: I was one when my dad left my mom. My mom had to take care of but she died when I was 3 to a mugger. I had to live in a orphanage for 5 years till my uncle found me and took me in as a daughter. My uncle is a police officer by the way.

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Name Hunter Thomas
Gender Male
Age 17
Likes hanging out with friends, partying and gaming
Dislikes horror
Siblings n/a
Sexually straight
Bio i never my parents I was raised by myself but one day that changed my parents died in a car crash and when I heard the news I was sadden

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