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Name: Y'vieun Everglade

Nicknames: Via, Frost

Gender: Female

Age: 14 years old, in human years

Species: Water nymph

Abilities: She can do things with water, such as manipulate their shapes, move them about through the air, and all of that. She can amass a huge anount of it from the soil, plants, a water pipe, or just about anything with water in it. Y'vieun can change water's state of matter as well, and manipulate the states into different forms. She can turn saltwater or dirty water into clean and drinkable water, though not back again, as she is a freshwater spirit.

Also, water/steam/ice animals. She can make those.

A final thing... She can summon freshwater critters to her. From bugs, birds, and crustaceans, to fish, of course. She can communicate with them, as well.

Birthday: February 24

Extras: She does not know much about human life, I guess, having spent her entire life in the forest near where she was born.

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Name: Lucy
Gender: Female
Powers: She Is An Angel, Turning Into A Wolf, Doing Simple Spells
Personality: Lucy Is A Sweet And Shy Powerful Tween, She Is The Princess Of Nature Though She Hates People Knowing That
Species: Wolf Goddess All Though She Pretends To Be A Werewolf
Lucy Cat
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Run Around Trying To Hide From A Human Trying To Kill Me. You...

I Am In My Wolf Form Laying Down When I See You Walking Up To Me...Trying To Touch Me I Growl And You Back Away Scared.

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Name: Luna
Age: 16
Gender: female
Sexuality: straight
Species: demon Wolf
Bio: thats for me to know and you to find out
Personality: shy until you get to know me, protective over anything that I have claimed, loyal to the bitter end
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Name: Baulderick
Age: 30
Gender​: Male
Race: Human
Hair Color: Dark brown
Skin Color: White
Eye Color: Sky blue
Occupation: Knight Commander
Weapons: Sword sometimes shield and dagger
Armor: Medium
Mount: Pegasus (hopes one day to ride a dragon)
Faction: The Empire
Likes: Dragons, fighting, family and friends and caring
Dislikes: Heresy and infidel's
Personality: Brave but not all ways, kind to some, can get angry
Bio: his father was in army and he wanted to grow up just to be like him when he was 15 he found out his father had died so he joined the army as a squire and worked his way up fighting every battle
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Name: Vinyl Scratch
Nickname: DJ PON-3
Age: Unknown
Gender: male
Personality: Nice, friendly, charming, tough and a amazing Music artist
Weapon: Bass Cannon/ Dubstep gun
Likes: Making friends, protecting friends and Dubstep music
Dislikes: nothing
Bio: I'm a amazin DJ with a tone of personality but I don't talk much when I'm doin my thing
Quote: "Let me show ya how to make a scene Let's Party"
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Name: White feather
Gender: Female
Age: 14
Species: Human/Goddess
Abilities: I can travel through time, make portals, and copy abilities of others and use them
Birthday: April 11th
Extras: I control the balance of this world, I control the balance of everyone's magic in a specific realm like in the picture.
When I'm out of the realm, I can only use my abilities

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Callie: I had walked by this door many times exploring the woods around my house. I had decided to finally see what was on the other side. I open it, and a blinding white light engulfs me. I step through it, and open my eyes to find my simple T-shirt and jeans had trasformed into this beautiful gown, and I had a crown on head made of golden leaves. I look around me to find faeries, cenataurs, and may other mythical creatures bowing down to me. "What happened?"

(Open to all "good" mythical creatures (faeries/ fay, centaurs, nymphs, ect.))
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Name: Callopie Hope Alexandria Kate Cora Romiva
Gender: Female
Age: 130 in human years, 13 in nymph
Species: Neried/ Dryrad
Abilities: Controlling water, growing flowering vines, talking to land and freshwater animals
Birthday: May 18th
Extras: She is the Neried/ Dryrad princess. She was raised by humans after rebel nymphs attacked her family's kingdom, but now she is ready to discover her destiny!
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