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Sept 18 2016 Most recent Bulletin of I.A.C.M.
+International Association for Cannabinoid Medicines

- #Holland / #Netherlands : Patients who use cannabis for medicinal purposes, may grow their own in the town of Tilburg.
- #Israel : Discussion on quality of medicinal cannabis.
- News in brief.
- A glimpse at the past.

News in brief.
- #Croatia : Cannabis capsules with quality problems.
- Science/ #USA : In states with laws on medical cannabis there is less #opioid #abuse .
- #UK : Parliamentary Group on Drug Policy Reform recommends legalization of cannabis for medical use.
- Science/Human: #Gliomas in children may be destroyed by endocannabinoids.
- Science/Animal: A synthetic analogue of palmitoylethanolamide reduces #inflammation of the bowel.
- Science/Human: Medical use of low THC doses is safe in #elderly patients.
- Science/Animal: Cannabidiol has a minimal effect on cocaine intake.
- Science/Human: Moderate relationship between THC concentrations and reduction of /pain .
- Science/Animal: Activation of CB2 receptors may prevent /fibrosis of the #heart .
- Science/Animal: Why the activation of the CB2 receptor reduces inflammation of the #bowel .
- Science/Animal: Activation of CB2 receptors may increase susceptibility for #epileptic #seizures .
- Science/Human: Many students use cannabis for enhancement of #cognitive #performance .
- Science/Animal: The CB1 receptor is involved in some effects of #haloperidol .
- Science/Human: Heavy cannabis users may have lower #bone #density .
- Science/Human: #Allergies against cannabis on the rise.
- Science/Animal: Mood disorders associated with #multiple #sclerosis may involve CB1 receptors. #ms
- Science/Cells: CBD #inhibits growth in cervical #cancer cells.

A glimpse at the past.
One year ago :
- #IACM : Mark Ware elected as the new chairman.
- #IACM : IACM-Awards 2015 go to Antonio Waldo Zuardi, David Robbe, Mahmoud A. Elsohly and Beat Lutz.
- Science/Human: Cannabidiol may be effective in the treatment of #schizophrenia .
- Science/Human: Herbal cannabis safe for medical use in chronic pain.
- Science/Human: Use of cannabis by adolescents decreased in the USA despite legalization of medical use in many states.
- Science/Human: Successful therapy of treatment resistant adult #ADHD with cannabis in a case series with 30 patients.
- Science/Human: Cannabis reduces symptoms of a large variety of medical conditions according to large #survey .

Two years ago:
- Science/Human: Cannabis spray effective against neuropathic pain in long-term study.
- Science/ #USA : More than 90 per cent find cannabis helpful in treating medical conditions according to survey.
- Science/Human: Cannabis rated most effective alternative treatment for pain by women in survey.
- Science/Human: Cannabidiol improves quality of life in patients with #Parkinsons disease.
- Science/Human: Patients, who use cannabis, may have a more favourable outcome after #traumatic brain #injury. #TBI

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