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Name: Thomas
Age: 16
Race: wolf
Gender: male
Personality: fun, brave, kind
Likes: swimming, surfing, his lifeguard job, his best friend Jacob
Dislikes: rude people,
Appearance: ((picture 1))
Bio: Thomas and Jacob are brothers and they both love the water, Thomas became a lifeguard but only works on the weekends his week days he spends with Jacob and mainly at the beach, Thomas got really into surfing and now loves it

Name: Jacob
Age: 16
Race: fox
Gender: male
Personality: calm, kind,
Likes: feeding the Sharks, swimming with sharks, Thomas, scuba diving
Dislikes: rude people, bullies
Appearance: ((second picture))
Bio: Jacob has a strange feeling when he's around sharks, Jacob seems to get every shark to like him when he meets one. Jacob loves everything about sharks and doesn't seem them as a threat but as a Friend
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