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(Dis sexy beast doe XD)
Name: Connor Tenebris
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Spirit Animal: Wolverine
Anthro Type: Siberian Tiger
Tattoos: Moon on his forearm
Personality: Smexy XD, Tough, Romeo, 20% cooler XD, Audacious, Stubborn, Stragetic, Defensive, and Badass
Likes: Pretty much every girl XD, Art, Sleeping, Racing his hennessey venom gt, Summer, Money, skipping classes, and canada
Dislikes: Math, Getting up early, Freshmen, and winter
Common Clothing: He doesn't wear anything in particular everyday he changes his clothing but almost always where's black baggy jeans and a black hat that says 20% cooler (my real hat xD)
Favorite Song: Remember the name - Fort minor
Girlfriend: none yet he just hits on pretty much every chick XD
Habits: Connor doesn't have many habits he only really has one and that it hitting on every got chick XD
(I did what ash did cuz why not I added some extra pics)
Warning: if Connor hits on ur oc it doesn't mean he has a crush on ur oc he hits on everyone okay XD?
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