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Favorite main album? (Not including remixes or live performances)

Please only people who know Daft Punk WELL. I'm interested in everyone's favorite album.

Edit: My Favorite would have to be Discovery.
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Discovery (2001)
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Homework (1997)
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Human After All (2005)
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Random Access Memories (2013)

I'm 16, pan, a fandom dork, and I'm really fucking bored in one of my art classes right now.
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I'm going to be in a parade on a pride float on the 14th! It's not a pride parade, just a regular parade, but this is the first time this town has had a pride float in it and I'm super excited. I'm here and I'm queer.

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This is me, me is this lol

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I just want to send out my prayers for everyone in Irmas way, for all of you and your family's, may the lord protect you and get you through this amen

So today was my first gsa meeting when I was walking there I was super nervous but by the end I felt like I was at home with this new family that actually accepted me.
Now all I to do is come out to friends...hopefully they'll accept me too

Hey y'all so I recently joined my school's gay straight alliance club and I can't wait for the first meeting this Friday. I'm glad I'm taking little steps on finding my way out of the closet.

Thanks for the prayers for us. hope it is ok

I'm really bored, and I wish I had a girl lol 😂 how's everyone's day today?
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