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I need help, in going to end my sad excuse of a life, I know have helped some of you, and in sorry in leaving you just please don't forget me, that's all I want to be remembered.


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So I scrolled into this today
Ok i have exposed this bitch she is the one doing the bulling and harassment
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Guys come on

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this is my bully he told people to block me for no reason I told his girlfriend to start giving credit to the original owners of the pic and called me a recolor hater and had my friends block me and he did not take it down I told him to and asked would he like that and he told me to shut up. About 1 month ago I asked him "so basically your older than your girlfriend" then he replies by saying "did you read it? yes I am" then I say "...." he replies saying "you have a problem with that? If so pal I will fucking block you" and I was like "no jeez"
Super Mario Bros.
Super Mario Bros.

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What Is Hacker? And What Is Hacking?
This Will Change Your Thinking About Hacking

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