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We had a last minute change to our Adult Fiction book. We're going to go with A Visit from the Good Squad as the novel. Sorry for any confusion.

Will limited copies of the book White Noise be made available to the first members to sign up? 

Good afternoon,

We're going to be moving on to our new book in a couple of weeks. This time around we'll be reading Don DeLillo's White Noise. If you're still reading The Girl on the Train, by all means continue to read and comment.

When you make a new comment, please be sure to mention the title of your book in the comment. This will help people know which book you're discussing.

I want a sci-fi for the next one!

I hate to give anything away, so I'd really prefer to comment later as more people finish. I like reviewing books, and have some comments to share on this one.

Argh. I did not like this book. I hate-read the last half. Overall, I thought the characters lacked depth and the plot was pretty contrived.

I initially thought the Rachel character was intriguing - her struggle with alcoholism and depression was rough and I appreciated that she was a character. I severely doubt she would be able to recollect such a memory when she was blackout drunk, but okay Paula Hawkins.

I got the hint pretty earlier on that the ex-husband was a terrible scumbag based on his treatment of Rachel, though I didn't realize he was a complete sociopath. I thought the author selecting Kamal, a person of color, immigrant, and refugee, as the initial fall guy was pretty lazy because she didn't explore the complexities of doing so (a POC man killing a white woman).

Megan was presented to be a manic pixie girl, but the information about her past made her death more tragic. I wish we got to know her struggle a little more and I wish that she wanted to separate herself from these two basic men.


I enjoyed the book. However, the reveal at the end kind of came out of nowhere for me. I would have preferred that the author pepper some clues throughout the course of the book to set up the reveal at the end. As it was, there was no way to see that coming, and it rang hollow for me.

I mean, really. At the end of everything, it was the husband? 

Just starting reading but like it already

I read the book sometime ago (last Christmas break) and I reread it again; even in this second read I couldn't put it down. It was recommended after I had read GONE Girl by Gillian Flynn.
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