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If you like beetroot halvah, you know that it is fried for a long period of time and most of the nutrients are gone and the unwanted ingredient, sugar is added. I would like you all to try this healthy version of beetroot halvah, this is really delicious. Please check this link for the recipe.

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Exploring the frontiers of Energy Medicine with a seminar on new modalities from Energy Psychology.

Energy Psychology is essential to Energy Medicine and we are devoting an entire seminar to Energy Psychology modalities.

Our Speakers Include:

1) Dr. Thornton Streeter:
Topic: Energy Medicine Exchange- how we protect and promote our healing modalities

2) David Gruder co-founder of ACEP (
Topic: The Six Key Questions Healers & Their Clients Have... and How EP Methods Excel at Answering them

3) Robert G Smith will introduce Faster EFT
Topic: Faster EFT

4) Dr. Daniel Benor MD
Topic: Consciousness and Energy Medicine: Theory and Practice of Left, Right and Combined Hemisphere Approaches with WHEE – Wholistic Hybrid derived from EMDR and EFT

5) Yulia Cohen
Topic: Energy Restructuring - The New Paradigm for Effortless Healing

6) Richard Flook META Medicine
Topic: Why Am I Sick - Transforming Pain into Learnings

7) Lydia Proschinger
Topic: Matrix Reimprinting - How Reinventing the Past Can Heal Trauma

This event Hosted by the Energy Medicine Exchange and supported by EMEx Radio.

More details as soon as we get them we have added an extra day as there is strong demand for more!

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Sauerkraut - fermented cabbage, is considered one of the healthiest foods on the planet. It offers all the health benefits of cruciferous vegetables with probiotic benefits from fermentation process. Researchers reported that cabbage produces substance called isothiocynates when it is fermented. These are very powerful cancer fighting substances. Polish study said sauerkraut consumption is linked to lower risk of breast cancer. Unfortunately, what you get in the stores is either pasteurized or vinegar fermented sauerkraut. Best way to have healthy one in your plate, is by making it at home. I highly encourage you to learn how to make. In this video, I gave essential tips you need to make this superfood. Please click these links for video or text versions.


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Hi...thanx for inviting.i like this new community.....

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Nuts - Nature’s vitamin pills!
Tips to learn how to consume nuts in a healthy way.
Many people steer away from nuts, assuming they have cholesterol and fat. If you are one of them, you must read this article to know why so many studies showed myriad of health benefits from eating a handful of mixed nuts daily.

Healthy site, hats off to you Dr saila....
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