(+Soru Tokko) I try to scoot away

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Name: Gryfith ShadowTalon
Race: Griffon
Sex: Male
Weapons: Sniper Rifle, Throwing feather blades
Bio: Gryfith grew up with a fairly normal and simple life, until one day he took on the mantle of ShadowTalon after watching the original ShadowTalon, his uncle, get brutally murdered by a dangerous criminal.
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Name: Vulpir
Age: 27
Species (describe the ones you make up yourself): flame unicorn
Place of birth: Volca
Weapons: twin pistols, sword, daggers
Spaceship, if any: cruiser
Bio: born in volca(Venus), Vulpir was introduced to volcanic conditions and is immune to physical pain and burns. He escaped the planet to search for more company
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I stand on a ridge, looking around

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Name: Garland (gwyn)


Race Griffon

Gender: Male

Weapons: Wing blades,shishkebab

Bio: he left home early because he got fed up with his parents, now he works as a wing for hire and provides his angsty comments whenever he can (+Glade Goldfeathers  thanks for the info on where to make these griffons!)

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Name: Eternal Will
Age: over 6000
Race: zony Canterlot ghoul
Weapons: shotgun, swords, shield, revolver, rifle
Mech: Hellraiser
Ship: none
Battle armor: retractable mech armor
Bio: long
Augmentations: robotic eye
place of birth: Equestria
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Name: Midnight Fire

Age: OLD

Species: Bat Pony/ Alicorn

Place of birth: Cloudsdale (Pre-war/Pre-wasteland)

Weapons: Hooves, Fangs

Augmentations: Sub-dermal metal plating in torso, Mechanical power
core for increased speed and power

Battle armor: Custom wasteland Battle armor (currently lost somewhere in Equestria)

Bio: Born in Cloudsdale, burned a house down, worked in rainbow factory, later assigned to secret lab for Ministry of magic, after a teleportation spell went horribly wrong midnight ended up in the wasteland, after quite some time fighting and surviving out in the wastes alongside his lover Eternal Will and new closest friend Gear Hammer, he succumbed to a side effect of his excessive use of Hydra and nearly died, after Gear saved him with machinery and gave him a few upgrades as bonus he went back to work, though later on he was again forced to use hydra to save Eternal from a terrible monster of a pony named DragonSlayer. This sadly pushed midnight too far as he was turned into an Alicorn due to the excessive exposure to taint that the Hydra caused, after this the now female midnight was under the control of the goddess, though after all these years she has regained her mind and seeks to find the company she has lost, though she has little concept of the time that passed.

Appearance: current form is provided as the first picture, original look and armor are next.
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Name: 4-P0PH15 (Apophis)
Age: N/A
Species: Artificial Intelligence
Place of birth: Hidden lab
Weapons: Whatever she can hack
Battle armor/exo suit, if any: primary body (see picture)
Bio: Commissioned in a lab to overthrow ruling forces and bring forth chaos or die trying, she was later reprogrammed by Titan-ium and had these directives wiped.
Appearance/picture: the picture seen is a hologram projected over her primary shell to provide an organic appearance over the simple frame, one eye is yellow and the other is blue. when only acting as a hologram she has a double image

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Name: Titan-ium
Age: a few thousand years old
Species (describe the ones you make up yourself): AI bot
Place of birth: Maripony
Weapons: Surprise(revolver), Hack(scythe), Goolify(plasma shotgun
Battle armor/exo suit, if any:
Mech, if any: S-Laughter
Spaceship, if any: Sage
Bio: I was made by the goddess in the wasteland. I would prefer not to speak of my past.
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Name: Head Scribe General Shade Spectre
age: about 6000
Race: changeling
Place of birth: Equestria
Weapons: Paradox(energy assault rifle), a gem knife, Love and Hate(dual energy pistols), and redwash(energy sword)
Augmentations: robot eye and legs
Battle armor/exo suit, if any: Tesla mech control armor with installed minigun and grenade machine gun, as well as jet pack
Mech, if any: the Black Plague. Laser miniguns, laser beams, and and a missile launcher. Size varies on mission.
Spaceship, if any: Black Magic warship
Bio: stricken with grief at the loss of my beloved Vael, I began to build more intricate machinery. Galaxia took notice and made me her personal scientist. I took the job and decided to fight as well. I rose the ranks and decided to lead the war effort as well.
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