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One day our teacher said that we were going to take a class vacation to hawaii. On the plane you sat next to me and all i did was read and listen to music with shadows floating around me. You have been wanting to talk to me for the longest time but never had the courage because of what people have been saying. "Stay away for her, she'll suck your blood!" some people say. You decided that you would try and talk to me sometime during this vacation. When we landed you...
(Need male, no text talk, this is a romance rp, please reply with at least two lines)
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H-hi.... im new here... blushes shyly

Name- Moriko Tanaka

Age- 18

Gender- Female

Species- Vampire

Sexuality- Straight

Personality- Shy, quiet, artistic

Looks: 5'11", has long black hair, dark green eyes, double d boobs and a slim figure

Powers- Shadows, can change eye color, fire, ice, can control nature

Likes- Books, music, the night

Dislikes- extremely bright places, loud people, bullies

Bio- My mom and dad hate me and beat me because of my personality and appearance, and everytime I try to run to my cabin in the woods that's made out of redwood bark, they find me somehow and drag me back home... 
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♡=♡___ Young Love _____♡=♡

it was April 10th as we were kids we use to play with one another a lot we always walked together to the park or go and sit by a river side we basically did everything together until one day my parents were moving. As I meet up with you once more we both gave each other a token of promise you gave me a small key and I gave you a neckless if the key was able to open the neckless it would show a picture of us when we were kids as I tell you before I leave "Never forget about us ok" you nod as we drive away you would tear up and cry as you notice that you have bin developed feeling for me

8 Years Later

You were in high school about in ur late teens you were a softmore (10th grade) as the teacher takes attends he would be calling out names until he says yours "Princes" you jump up and raise your hand "here" You then sit back down and look down at the neckless wondering where and what I was doing a few moments later the teacher announces a transfer student that is joining the class as I walk in I would look a bit different from when I was a kid but you would notice a small flash from my neck as it would be a small key "hi there my name is kio it's a honer to meet you all" I would say as I bow my head the teacher escorted me to my seat as it would be a arm's length away from you. You would then....


¤2+ Lines
¤Girl needed
¤Mention me if want a pp
¤Can also do hangouts or other
¤Please be semi-disruptive please
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[I need to do some Akito the Exiled rp. Can someone rp as Julius Kingsley AND Suzaku please? If interested, please comment 'eyepatch' and your favorite geass power. Please have replies at least a paragraph or more with good grammar and spelling. Here is the starter.]

Akito the Exiled: The Maiden's Voice
{St.Petersburg, Euro Britannia}

One hundred nobles received invitations from a performance group known all over the world. And there is a reward. Whoever gives their female leader enough trust will gain support from the group. The reward is very usefully if one is wanting to gain power.

Julius Kingsly got an invitation and decided to go. If he were to give the female enough trust in him, she would support him during the war. He heard rumors that the girl is known for many deaths of men who abuse her trust (most of the men were nobles). Despite the fact, he still took on the challenge.

At the concert, the group performed for the nobles as if they were welcoming them. The group's leader was beautiful; long black hair, violet dancer outfit, sparkling purple eyes. She saw the tactician on the top of the VIP section, and smiled and winked.
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Your name is terezi pyrope you hunting a dangerous man his name was John Stewart he was famous for his terrorist attacks on monuments, legal building, capital building almost everything. You closed on his location

====>be john

you are now john
"Ohh god not the cop-pmhufffs" your sorry you... Just can't say that with a straight face, you look at at your computer as you see the "seer of mind". You know what's she's here for and that means you get to have some fun

====> john grab wrench

you grab your bloodied wrench and a demented smile grows on your face remember your past victims

====>john go down confirmed kills

87 cops -
37 senate members
-5 cartels
--2 royal armies -
--2 kings -
--13 agents -
-And over 100 unconfirmed kills -

====>john grab your boomstick

you grab your boomstick and equip them to your strife specibus and your wrench and your knife

-shotgun kind

-wrench kind

-dagger kind

====>be terezi
you are now terezi
you approach his hide out it smelled like...cherries witch ment one thing he's killed someone new

====>john see terezi


====>john pull a assassin creed black flag
you pull a acbf by shooting a chain and a you grab on as you quickly descended down ward

====>Terezi strife

//time skip//

You lead john into a obvious trap and he sets it off and it was amazing. 3 high powered magnets popped up and and blasted with it but it seemed inhumane the way its hurts it was tearing him apart but the weird thing is that he started laughing as his body glitches about from the magnet when the power was your commanding officer

Terezi: WH4T TH3 H3LL

C/o: we need him alive

Terezi: WHY

C/o:we need his skills

Terezi: STILL


john: so why haven't you shot me in the back of the head

C/O: we need you alive

John: fine

//time skip// -

====>be john

wow they had you chained down with a magnetic field for good measure

C/O: I have a deal for you, you work for us we

John: hey how about you take your little deal and go fuck your self with it

C/O: fine then the hard way

//Time skip//

After 8 straight days of torture he finally agreed and me and you where paired together

I drive to a ice cream shop

Terezi: why 4r3 w3 h3r3

John: ammo, guns, mint chocolate chip

Terezi: wh4t

John: you'll see~~

Rules: you are terez
This is a au where humans and trolls live together
This is a very very slow love role play

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"We found her, my lord she was near the blood pond"

One of your soldiers said, shoving a little girl by the name of skaya on her knees and a wooden block holding her hands on the back. This was the second time your little "pet", tried escaping.. And you where furious that she had tried escaping you.. The ruler of the underworld

You ((Satan)) looked like a normal man but when your furious you look really scary. You had come to earth once ans liked a girl you saw in the jungles and you brought her and owned her she was a vampire girl... who now sits on amongst the throne with you... and gets used for almost about everything, but in return.. Gets treated as a princess.. And never have you ever.. Seen a slave try to escape.. After the life they have been given is great

once it was just you and her, you decided to punish her, with a punishment she will never forget...

"Once again darling you have tried escaping me, do you remember the punishment I warned you about"

he asked, a evil grin putting his arm on his face


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//Title: "Neutralized"

The blue haired male smiles at the computer screen as he watches a series of explosions of a high facility building made by the government. He then speaks inside of the microphone in his speaker

"Heh. Targets successfully neutralized"

he smiles once more spinning around in his chair to stop facing The many computer screen monitors. He jumps off if his seat in shock


he says seeing (Y/N) an officer probably coming to arrest him. But his mind wonders... How did he even find him? How did he know of his existence. He then quickly snapped baxk into reality

"Well it was nice to meet you but I'm afraid i must go now"

And with that he was already running still with his headset on. As he ran he glanced behind himself to notice (Y/N) running after him. He Frowns getting himself captured by the police or the government wouldn't be the best thing. As it would not only reveal his comrades identities but also his social and reputation outside of all of this

Outside of all of this Yuky was a high school student with excellent grades in everything and when i mean everything i mean everything even art. But he was also a singer and all of this getting out wouldn't be at all good for anyone

Yuky soon tripped over a loose wire and sighs

"Knew i should have cleaned this place up first"

He said getting back uo and running once agaim. Falling had given (Y/N) to get closer to him the more Yuky stared at (Y/N)'s badge to more he saw it was a fake? He shook his head and continued to run.. But soon meets a dead end

"Well this isn't good"

he sighs and looks around for anything he could Perhaps squeeze into and escape like a trap door or a vent door but there were none. So he then looked for Perhaps a locked door he could perhaps pick the lock of but again there were known at all

he sighs in defeat but still he refused to out his hands up. For some reason he smirks and says

"Nice fake badge you got there"

he smirks once more seeing (Y/N) getting angry that he had picked up on that so quickly.

"What are you going to do? Arrest me? Pff yeah right!"

Yuky had used a very mocking sort of tone for young (Y/N) pretending to be ask confident but in fact he wasn't. He didn't know what species he could be up against or what was this persons physical strength he knew none of that

(Y/N) then did something completely unexpected and that was...

((I only ask you follow these few rules))
((No text talk and reasonable grammar. I'm not asking for the best but i do still need phrases that make sense))
(((2+ lines. No one worded or one lined responses please))
((No hentai))
((If you have read it all say "Blue" if you want a pp say "Computers are easy"))
((Before asking for a pp answer this question to prove you have read it all. "What Building have they destroyed?"))


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Rp anyone?

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//Title: The psychopath teacher

It was Monday morning a nice chilly cold breeze flew threw the air and into (Y/N) face making them shivers a bit. It was getting to the cold season so it was to be expected for that to happen

The bell seem rang and (Y/N) accidentally bumped into the meet teacher. The psycho teacher. But no one knew of what he did to certain students that caught his eye. You excused yourself to him and walked off little did you know You had caught his eyed he had an interest in you which coukd Only mean chaos

Anyway. I was Lee Inushiyama. I had started here i few weeks ago and already knew my lesson plan and where everything was. I didn't really excel in academic subject. I was more music and sports. Where my heart lied was music. Music was my be all and end all. Without it i couldn't survive!

My looks were really one of a typical cute teenagers. Blonde hair and blue eyes. A nice skin tone. A bit if muscle and what not. I was a good height and weight for my age. Unfortunately for myself i also caught the eye of the new teacher..

The new teacher somehow found a way to give us detention. Yours was for talking when you were simply asking a question to **Him. And me it was because i was daydreaming. We both found it ridiculously stupid that those were the reasons but none the less we went.

What we didn't expect was that it was both at slightly different times. (Y/N) first and then mine second

(Y/N) sighs and goes at there correct time but Whe he didn't expect was for the teacher to come behind (Y/N) pin him to the ground and tranquilize him. He ties you up and throws you in the cupboard so i wouldn't see when i entered

I entered and the same exact thing happened to me. It was the Sam manor and way. After school ended and every left he cleaned up all evidence and took us back to his home. He ties us to chairs in his basement then...


No text talk, one liners or emojis.

Be same descriptive at least two lines but you may do more if you wish

No hentai, Yuri, Yaoi or sex. You may put hints to them like sexual jokes but no sex!

Please ask my permissions if you sit to do this

I need to know basic information on your character as in. Name, Age, Gender, likes, dislikes and Appearance. You may use a picture if you can't describe appearances very well.

This will be a PP so i can keep track of everything


Someone is needed to play the other student

And another is needed to play the teacher. I don't want one which will eventually become nice. The teacher needs to be. Sadistic and whiteout mercy in other words

Use tags if you are talking to a specific character

And wait for everyone to comment at least once per action

You may play two roles if you want it to just be two people

_Lastly enjoy!_

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male only
3-5 lines
Hangouts or pp accepted
Has to be somewhat insane but gentle and romantic but mad at some points when I try running away

I am Terra Blueheart an investigative reporter that'll do anything for a good story I'm nicknamed the ambitious Wolf for just that reason to.I was sent information on an unknown Asylum when I got there everyone was dead or so i thought as I walked I came upon a soldier who was speared though telling me I had to get out of here I tried to but someone had locked the doors as I walked through this hell on earth where some of the inmates were still alive I didn't know that I was being watched every time I turned I could aware i saw a giant towering shadow but I could never stop and check because I walkways had some crazy person after me

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