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Please join us in my classroom, RM 18, on Jan 29th, to hear about and do hands-on projects that explore language, history, and the arts. Evan and Michelle are two of the most inspiring educators I know. 
The next Arts Learning Leadership meeting will be on January 29th from 4:30-6:30 pm at Oakland International High School. The school is at: 4521 Webster St. in Oakland, in room 18. We will be hearing from two amazing artists, Michelle Lee and Evan Bissell, about how their work is being used in classrooms and with young people. 

Check out Evan Bissell's animated website, The Knotted Line,  exploring race and incarceration in the history of the US: here:

And an example performance of artist and educator, Mush Lee;  
The group seeks to:
·         Collaboratively explore arts centered learning in order to demonstrate how students are learning to use art as a lens to think critically about their community and their world. 
·         Bring teachers together from across the Bay Area to share best practices and consider points of inquiry about creative teaching and learning, culturally relevant pedagogy and social justice through arts education.
·         To support each other with ideas and best practice as we move into a new era of learning through the Studio Habits of Mind, Making Learning Visible, Teaching for Understanding, the Common Core and new arts standards initiatives.
Thank you and we look forward to seeing you,
Ray Cagan and Brooke Toczylowski
This meeting is open to anyone interested in changing the world and using art to make it happen.

Please RSVP to Madelyn Blair at and let us know if you can make it to the January meeting. 
We will also be meeting on February 23rd, March 26th and April 30th. Stay tuned the locations of those meetings. 
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