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(( +Emsy Alicia! ))

Some time had past. But Xavier and I had stayed together through the past few years. Of course, there was the usual attack from a hunter, or some sort of issue with my dad every once and a while, but things were getting better. I had figured out my ice powers, now quite skilled with my staff. My dad seemed to care less and less about me as time passed, but I saw that as an opportunity. In fact, I was planning a surprise that I would tell everyone as soon as I could - I wanted to move to Distopia. Of course, a light angel couldn't just decide to move to Distopia. What I was thinking was moving in with Xavier. I wasn't sure what his reaction would be, and I was honestly scared to ask...but I had to. I left the house that morning, flying quickly towards the woods near your little home

(( +Emsy Alicia ))

The next day, I pack up my room. I hadn't told my father I was moving out. If I was gonna tell him, I'd leave out the part about moving in with a boy anyway. I put my clothes and other stuff into a bag, leaving the house quietly. I decide to walk, my staff slung over my right shoulder and the bag in my left hand

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(( +Emsy Alicia ))

A few days after the visit to earth, I decided to visit Alice. We hadn't talked in a while, and I thought we should get to know each other better. But what I wasn't expecting when I knocked on the door was having a little boy answer it

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X'Zavier was walking around the halls of the school. He was scanning the area getting the map of the school. Every corner he past my he would drop a mint robot that goes up to the sealing. He cleans his glasses and he ended up bumping into you and you?..

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Name....X'Zavier D. Ghost. 

Nickname....X , DGhost, Ghost, sand Ghosteii. 


Gender.... Male

Angel Type....Light.

Personality....Smart, Weird, Geeky, Smiley, Courageous, Confident, Random, Mysterious, Has no sense of humor, Sassy, Brave, and Tough. 

Family....His parents. 

Pets....He has a Russian Blue Cat named "Star" 

Power....He has the power over Technology.

Magical Item...Glasses, but not any ordinary glassy. There like Spy Glasses but better and more advanced. They can do all types of things that can blow someones mind too. 

Bio....Kallister was raised in South Korea with parents who owned a Coffee Shop.  He was always that one kid who you were able to see him and be picked out. He will always try to be the best at every thing he can do. Even the things he knows he can't do. He grew up never being likes but didnt let that stop him from doing anything. Other then that, he started to mess with Technology around 12 years old. 

Faceclaim....Park Jin-young
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I may be a light, but I'll still punch you.

Name Zachary Ryder
Nickname Zach
Age 19
Gender Male
Angel Type Light but practically Dark
Personality Violent for a light, Smart, Fast, Caring, Charismatic, Etc.
Family Zach has no family, but he treats his best friend, Samantha Dills, like a sister.
Pets None
Power Zach has the ability to read minds.
Magical Item Any weapons he can get his hands on
Bio Zach's family dwindled away soon after he was born. He was an only child, and his mother died soon after childbirth. His dad raised him until he was about 12, but then he left with no explanation. Zach, having nowhere else to go, stayed all alone in his home, soon enough almost dying of starvation and exhaustion. A girl he knew from school found him one day, and she brought him back to her house until he found a suitable place to stay. Her name was Sam, and the two of them looked out for each other from then on.
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(( +Emsy Alicia ))

Sam had been out all day, running errands and occupying herself with random tasks. She was only doing it because she didn't want to be at home. With her ice staff in hand, she walked towards home with a frown on her face. She walked along the back end of Utopia, seeing the human world below her. She had promised herself she would never go down there, since earth was a pretty scary place. She sat down on the edge, letting her legs dangle over the side of her world. She heard a small noise from behind her and quickly turned around, but it was too late. the four hunters sprang at her, and Sam had to think quickly. She slashed up her staff, which sent ice at the hunters. It hit three of the four of them, but the last one dodged it and ran at her. She stood up to attack him, but he was swift, pulling out his weapon - a staff. Their staffs pushed against each other until the young girl lost her balance on the edge, and with a scream no one heard, she found herself plummeting towards earth, her staff tumbling down beside her.

While all this was happening, Zach was hanging out in the woods when he stumbled upon a small house. His curiosity drew him towards it...
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(( +Emsy Alicia ))

Sam sneaks away from her house, headed to the woods between Utopia and Distopia. It had been about a week since she had asked to move out, and since her father had lashed out at her. She hadn't asked since, but she tried to stay away as much as possible. she kept her wings tucked in underneath a baggy sweatshirt, her hair in its natural state and no makeup on (she was in a rush to get out this morning) walking past the boarder and going towards Xavier's house
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We had been dating for about a month and a half. My father only got worse, so I tried to stay away as often as possible. I stayed with you or Alice every day, even though I slept at home. It was November, and a cool breeze blew in the air at every moment. I loved it, of course. It was one of my favorite months.
But something happened this year that made it horrid. I woke up one morning, sitting up quickly. I couldn't even describe what I was feeling. Nauseous, Scared, Excited, Confused.... My stomach ached with a bad feeling, and I knew something wasn't right. I immediately lean over the side of the bed, reaching for my phone. I could only hope you were awake. I dialed your number quickly, not even letting you say hello when you answered
Xavier, something's wrong...

(( +Emsy Alicia ))

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When I was younger, I always said I wanted to be a dancer.
Name Samantha Dills
Nicknames I prefer to be called Sam, but some people call me Sammy
Age 17 1/2
Gender I'm obviously a girl.
Angel Type I'm a light angel.
Powers I have ice powers idk
Personality I'm nice, but some people tell me I should go to Distopia. I try not to listen to them, although the darkness is intriguing. I try to stay out of trouble most of the time.
Likes other angels, flying, her friends, dancing
Dislikes Humans, assholes
Bio My mother died when I was 7. she was killed by a human. My father's been a mess since then, drinking and usually taking his anger out on me. I don't know why I stay there, but I do. I'm normally out and about, flying around Utopia looking for something to do. Sometimes I go to the boarder. I've even crossed it once. it was pretty cool, but I got caught quickly and ran off. So...yeah.
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