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Welcome to the darker side of the realm. A place where mischief, magic, and creation ignite to form the most terrifying dreams of all.

Hiya! Welcom to the land of descriptive people. I am your hostess for the time being and will be guiding you on how this place works. Please note that if you cannot do more than 3 sentences in a roleplay reply then this is probably not the place for you.

Now then ,Here are the rules. They are pretty simple but be warned if you break them.

1. Do not show any pictures of any pornography or selfies at all. Be warned about this cause here, even cartoony pictures will be reported.

2. Cursing is allowed but not consistantly such as "Man she's a fucking jackass bitchy.." Ect. I'm sure you get the point.

3. This place is for those who like long lasting roleplays. If you cannot have a sentence for as long as this one then I wouldn't really be here. Note this is only really a suggestion, but I don't want "hey" being seen as a reply or "Hugs tightly" isn't suggested either.

4. BE WARNED: A lot of people do like things such as sexual roleplays and romance. Even vore is allowed but please be sure to note up in the beginning of what type it is so no one replys on something they don't wish to.

5. We do get a bunch of really nice people who have their own opinions. This goes out to my future or current mods. Unless the person stating their opinion is harming others verbally or breaking the rules please just leave them be. or you can tag me to it.

6. This one also goes to the mods. Do NOT ban someone or report or undo pictures or anything untill I see it. Some people call coverage and all a little "loose" but it can still be covered and seen.

Profiles are {Optional} But it is suggested you make a nice long one just incase someone sees it and wishes to roleplay with your character.

Thank you for reading. Have fun!

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Moscow was in termoil, people were rebeling against the czar. Plauge had broken out, people were starving and there were rioting in the street. Seeing the impending onslaught the czar took precautions for his child. Alexi was a rouge-ish soldier who was loyal to the end, raised from a young age to serve he was tasked with protecting you. The czar told him to keep you in the palace while he investigated a possible rat amongst the guards (a building romance alongside an adventure?)

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Im looking to do a very dark rp of little red and the big bad wolf. Though in this version the wolf kidnaps little red, a 14-17 year old feline, in order to run experiments or even just gore her up while she is trying to find a way to escape his clutches. Who do you wanna be in this rp?
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There was an accident in the vault and as soon as Delilah started glowing they arranged her exile. They gave her some basic supplies and some warm clothing. The loud buzzer sounded as the door opened and they forced her out. It had veen twenty years since the bombs dropped and Nuclear winter had set in. There was dust covering the sky, snow covering the land, she was freezing. This wanst an was a death sentance. This early there was still tons of radiation but very little life...though there were still dangers. (im looking for someone to be early BOS millitary to find her)

Hi! My name is Emily, but you can all call me Em. Or anything to your preference. I do enjoy vore, and I enjoy the types of RP, such as Warriors, or Harry Potter, with the odd dap of luck that I find a detailed RPer. Thanks for making the community, and I really am truly looking forwards to the time when more people are in, so that we may be able to have a lot of fun Roleplaying. Have a great day, bye!

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Hello! My name is Ashly.
I am an anthromorphic creature or as some call us "Furries". and yes I do enjoy odd things such as vore.
My species are also known as Kitsunes meaning I can control one element of my choice which is fire. I have 4 tails but I still seem to forget my own age.
As a lot of people would possibly know, I enjoy certain foods such as my meats, sweets, and more.
NO need to fear. I mean no harm to anyone in my grasp in fact I'll often give out hugs with my tails to comfort others. Wont happen often though.
I can do over a pharagraph or two depending on the others' response. If you reply under 2 or 2 exactly then I will stop. More information can be found in roleplays.
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So do I need a profile for this community? I just thought I should ask

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