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This is not the community you're looking for

If you have questions or comments about using Google Analytics the product, then you want to do to the Google Analytics community linked below. This community is intended for software developers that use the Google Analytics APIs. 

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Kindly suggest what i am doing wrong or what more needs to be added?

Hi All,
I am new to GA. I have integrated GA code in my Ionic App but i am not able to see any changes in my GA dashboard? Can about help i can share my code too.

How to implement Google Analytics with AngularJS Application

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From time to time i hear about people who have lost access to their Google Analytics Accounts. Its really nice that Google is going to help people gain access to these accounts again.


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I am working on a sample project for the Google Analytics Reporting API v4 using power shell.

Opinions welcome.

#powershell #googleAnalytics #googleAnalyticsapi

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I finally found some time to show how to use the Service account Json Key file to with the Google .net client library . Google hasnt said they will stop support for the p12 file but if there is the option to use the Json file I think we should at least be prepaired.

#GoogleAnalytics #googledotnetclient

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New blog on how to efficiently implement anti-sampling in GA reporting APIs . As an example, a month’s worth of data that was 54% sampled takes 5 API calls to fetch unsampled, as opposed to 30 calls via the daily walk method. 2 mins vs 25 seconds.

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If you disable and enable the API, it will reset the "daily request limit" quota. Intersting, might be useful when debuging. 
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