+Corfu Mapper let's make this alive

I am soldier in Sprska.

1-the one that rules Daralia is the prince,that rule the country and its me (+Polish Italian Mapping)
2-1 year=4 days.
3-Every 2 years there are the elections of Prime Minister.
4-You have to choose if you are:
-A Daralian politic
-A normal citizien
-Governor of a region in Daralia.
-A soldier
-A general
-Governor of a region in Daralia.
-The mayor of a city
5-The regions in Daralia are 18:
-Eastern Romania
-Western Switerland
-Eastern Switerland
6-the mayors of daralian cities need meet each other every half year to meet togheter with the prince (+Polish Italian Mapping) about security of the cities
7-+Hellenic Gamer is the "ruler of senators" of the country

Tell me:

-What is your title in Daralia
-Flag of your political party
-How many people follow you
-City were you born in Daralia (choose a city where you want,Unreal of course)
-City were you started politic (Choose probably your favourite city in Daralia)
If you are mayor or governor of a region tell me also:
-what city/region do you rule
-flag of that city/region you rule

Choose who are you in Daralia

Do you want alliance +Polish Italian Mapping​​?

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