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V1.6.3 (1213)

- Android O compatibility

New client languages:
- Italian
- Chinese

- New online map: „Pioneer“
- New icon for maintenance mode: Being in maintenance mode all mines that cannot be (externally) repaired will be faded out semi-transparently. While the maintanence mode is active a single click on a mine within boss-range will repair it.
- Range check to other mines will be performed right after the scan and not just after placing the building order
- Long-clicking the „Send drone“ icon positions the scan centre to the approximate minimum distance to other mines provided that its marker cuts across the drone building circle (works up to a maximum of 2 overlaps). This simplifies the „mine-to-mine“ positioning when drone-building mines.

- Tracker background service for „Wanderer“:
Now the app doesn't have to be running for the „Wanderer“ mission. A background service* can be activated in the settings (deactivated by default).
After that the service automatically activates itself after Resources has been closed once the „Wanderer“ mission is active and monitors the mission progress. If no „Wanderer“ mission is active the background service won't be activated. Without the activated option for the tracker service, for the „Wanderer“ mission the game has to be running in the foreground as usual so that the mission progress can be monitored and recorded.

* IMPORTANT NOTICE: The dev tried to arrange the background service as battery-sparing as possible. But since it is necessary to access Google geolocation and activity services for tracking the distances/mission progress an increased battery drain for this feature can be impossibly avoided. At active mode and while moving the background service consumes 2-5% battery per hour as a result.

- Alert icon at the items as an indicator that a price alert has been set.
- Alerts can now be removed by using the „Discard“ button.
- Product information dialog: When activated the „favourites“ button next to the name will sort the item at the top of the list. The same favourites will be considered at the marktlist's sorting.

Global scores ranking:
- Indicators for ranking changes in the global scores ranking

- New sorting option „Profit per resource type“
- The information about the foreign mines defence is now displayed a bit clearer. Indications of quantities coloured:
White: Troops count is under or equal to default defence
Yellow: Troops count is above default defence
Red: Troops count is above ten times the default defence
- After successful attacks the attacking penalty is increased to 10%
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I'd like to see the factory list be sortable by the user specified (the way it is now), profit with purchased, and turnover

it would just save me a lot of clicking around

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Lol 😂😂 i misscalculated a bit 😂😂😂

Quick question, occasionally I get into a mode where I have only the map on the display. I assume there is a way to go in and out of this mode I just can't find a way. Is this a bug or feature?


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I don't always get cargorain umbrella, but when i do...

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Well it's been over a year since the last big game update.

If your voice & vote could influence the next update, what would you want?
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Special Building
Mine & GD @ 6 Hrs

Suggestion: Modify Servicing & Maintenance

The biggest problem at the moment is that mines never die, and that's largely because servicing & maintenance are too easy and too immediate. With a click of a button, a mine can go from nearly dead to 100% condition, which is not at all realistic. Since mines never die, crate/loot opportunities are too plentiful in densely populated areas, and too scarce in sparsely populated areas.

I propose that maintenance (expert or maint kits) should be gradual, and that servicing should only provide a small restoration of the mine. This reflects reality more accurately, as repairs take time, and bosses can only do so much.

For example, installing a maintenance kit or expert repair would provide +1% condition repair per hour for 24 hours. Place a little "+" sign on the mine to indicate that it's under repair during that time. Servicing via boss or remote provides an instant +5% repair of the mine's condition, also allowed only once every 24 hours (by either boss or remote -- get there first!), and the mine is not serviceable while it is "under repair" via maint kit or expert as per above.

Once implemented, revert remote servicing to former reward levels (crate bonus + mine output), but also allow crates to be gained for boss mode servicing. Due to maint kit preventing servicing (boss/remote), the crate/loot opportunities for players in densely populated areas will be reduced, while simultaneously providing an incentive for boss mode crate/loot regardless of dense vs. sparsely populated areas.

The flip side of limiting service & maintenance is that your mine can die more easily. If your mine gets attacked or suffers disaster, and plummets to perhaps 30% condition, install the maint kit, and it'll be up to 54% tomorrow. Install another tomorrow and it's up to 78%, and then one more the following day to get back to 100%.

However, if it suffers attack/disaster again while its condition is still low? Boom. Rekt. Don't want to lose all of your HQ's mines due to daily attacks? That's what defense is for, and is another under-utilized part of the game.


Cargo Ideas...

Like many, I'm not a fan of the current repair cargo changes, it's just too random.
I do feel there might be too much cargo out there, so some reduction is ok.

Regular Repairs:
Have the chance of cargo gained from a repair based on the mine's condition.

A 96% condition mine has a "win the lottery" chance of gaining cargo (almost always 0 cargo).

A 90% condition mine has a small chance of gaining cargo. (mostly 0 cargo, rarely 1 cargo)

A 70% condition mine has a medium chance (maybe 1-4 cargo based on service center level)

A 50%+ condition mine has a high chance (maybe 3-7 cargo based on service center level)

By doing this, you are rewarding people who are repairing mines that really need repairing.
The risk offsets:
Will people want to lose the production of mine to let the condition percentage get that low?
Also the risk of mine accidents should be increasing with that poor mine condition, adding risk to keeping low condition mines.

Attacks and Repairs:
If you attack any of my mines, you should not be allowed to repair my mines for an extended time (perhaps 14 days or 31 days)
This would relieve the attack and repair cycle bonus which is really a double dip even if over a done over couple of days.

The rational here is if a company has a recent history of attacking my mines, would my staff allow them access to repair them? I don't think so.
You are either an ally or an enemy, not both.

Repair then Attack:
The opposite double-dip situation. Repair a mine then attack it.
My solution would be when you repair a mine, you set a 24 hour no attack window similiar to the one attack per 24 hour rule.

Perhaps the rational here is that your repair staff or their equipment may still be onsite, so an attack would be injurying your own staff or equipment.
Again make you choose be friendly or an attacker.

Attacks on stacked mines:
I certainly think stacking mines is a strategy outside of the original intent of the game.
It is certainly wide open for attack and repair exploits.

I think attacking a stacked mine should cause collateral damage to all other mines in the stack.
This collateral damage would not count as a attack, allowing the other mines in the stack to still be attacked.
Collateral damage would not give any materials to the attacker.

The rational is how can the one mine in the stack be attacked without causing damage to the others.
This collateral damage and a regular attack might be enough to risk putting the mine into the heavily damaged going to disappear condition range.
If you want the benefits of stacking mines, there needs to be some additonal risk. This would add to the risk.

well... this is a WHOOOOOOLE NOTHER thing... so I don't expect a strong reception... but

I was just in chat for a while with a guy... and it would be nice to be able to somehow recognize fellow players as helpful ... I have been helped my several players in guidance and even if it didn't necessarily reward them would be kinda cool if we had like a profile of attributes that other players have assigned to us like helpful

I know that's not likely... but I just thought i'd put it out there

Good day Group :)

what is the best way to get your account unblocked ?
I wrote to support but I got no response.

Thank you in advance for your answers
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