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Dear ARRL member,

I am writing to you today because we are at a crossroad in our efforts to obtain passage of The Amateur Radio Parity Act.

Our legislative efforts scored a major victory in our campaign when The Amateur Radio Parity Act, S. 1534 now moves to the Senate, where we need every Senator to approve the bill. This is the companion Bill to H.R. 555, which passed in the House of Representatives in January.

You are one of over 730,000 licensed Amateur Radio Operators living in the United States. Many of you already live in deed-restricted communities, and that number grows daily.


• If you want to have effective outdoor antennas but are not currently allowed to do so by your Home Owner’s Association, SEND THESE EMAILS TODAY!!

• If you already have outdoor antennas, but want to support your fellow hams, SEND THESE EMAILS TODAY!!

• If you want to preserve your ability to install effective outdoor antennas on property that you own, SEND THESE EMAILS TODAY!!

We need you to reach out to your Senators TODAY! Right away.

Help us in the effort. Please go to this linked website and follow the prompts:

Thank you.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Rick Roderick, K5UR
ARRL - The national association for Amateur Radio®

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A little poolside portable action

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The Rainpals music videos rprrecords youtube rainpals For you to copy post and send to your friends.

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Scope probe compensation is more important than you might think when using an oscilloscope for testing

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lightship lightship lightship lightship lightship
Sat 19th August 2017

FDARC will be activating the Mary Mouse 2 an Automated light vessel moored in Portsmouth Harbour as part of the Lighthouses on the Air weekend. We will be using the special event call sigh of gb1gl (Gosport Light ) and Plan to be active from around 9:00 to 18:30 on the Saturday only. We will have 2 stations active one on VHF and the other on HF 10-160m.

"The Lightship" as it is known locally, is permanently mored in Halsar Marina. It was purchased by Dean & Reddyhoff and converted into a Bar, restaurant and bathing/washing facilities for visitors to this busily and friendly marina.


Lighthouses and lightships ( or lightvessels ) have been used to warn vessels of the impending danger of coasts and shallow water since Roman times. In the case of lightships the early ones would have nothing more than a fire beacon places on the deck of a ship.

Lightships were used where it was impractical to construct a lighthouse e.g .where the water was too deep, the underwater ground conditions were unsuitable to take the weight of a lighthouse or there were shifting sands which meant that the position of a permanent lighthouse would soon be out of date.

The first modern lightship dates from 1734 and was positioned at the Nore sandbank at the mouth of the River Thames. As the lightships were static for most of their lives their hulls were especially designed to reduce the pounding and rocking motion of the waves.

The crew comprised of 6-8 men who kept a 24 hour watch. Their main duty was to ensure that the lamp was operational during the hours of darkness but they also had to record the ships that passed ( so that "light dues" could be claimed, submit weather reports and to sound the fog warning bell. During daylight hours a "daymark" flag would be positioned at the top of the main mast.

Mary Mouse 2 was built in 1947 by Philip and Sons in Dartmouth and was positioned at many locations around England. She was decommissioned in 1993 and sold to Dean and Reddyhoff Ltd as part of their Haslar project in Gosport. Its colour was changed from red to green and was re-named Mary Mouse 2 after the names of the directirs wives-Mary Reddyhoft and Joanna ( Mouse ) Dean.

Our thanks to both Haslar Marina and Trinities at the Lightship for kindly letting the club use the Light vessel for the activation.

Links for the above

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Live webcast of Huntsville hamfest. Thousands of dollars in prizes for our viewers. Walk arounds of vendors, fleamarket, interviews. Join in the chat room and have fun.

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awesome weekend...well while the rain held off. Portable fitzgerald pond park
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Please Join us. 73 Kirk N7VGJ

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Calling all Olivia-mode operators with experience using the Olivia digital mode in all areas of the world: Please read this blog post at the following link. We are discussing operational changes! With some newer modes competing for the spectrum in which we have traditionally operated, we must figure out a strategy moving forward that deals with the encroaching modes like FT8.


Tomas / +NW7US

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