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Good afternoon and we hope you are having a good start to your school year! Google has included a message to all third party add-ons in order to protect their brand. When you launch Doctopus, if you are seeing a warning message please note that this is coming from Google and we are unable to remove it at this time. It is something we are working to minimize in terms of it appearing so often but for now, we are forced to adhere to their precautions taken to protect themselves. By clicking "more" you can dismiss this warning. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Good day all!

This might be a silly question, but how do the Grade and Written Feedback Column work? How do students see this information or do they?

Thank you

Each time I try to log in to Doctopus from Google Sheets, I get the following error:
Oops! An error has occurred and logged so the New Visions CloudLab team can look into it...
Doctopus will not open at all.
I have tried to log into a different computer, and it's still not working. I have another coworker that is having the same issue. However, there is another teacher that does NOT have Google Classroom yet, and Doctopus will open for them. Can you help me out with this? Thank you!

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Resolved: My compute was not accepting cookies from this site. I actually thought it was because it said accepting from, but I had to click on show cookies and other site data in the internet bar and I found that it was blocking other google cookies. Made it allow them and it is now working!
I have ingested the documents and uploaded a rubric. In my sheets document, I can see all my kids and columns. I click on the Goobric link for that student and I only see the rubric. The file is there because if I click on link I can see their paper. Any ideas why I wouldn't be seeing there documents?

What does the exclude column do?

I have my Ss submit a link as well as a PDF, but I only want to grade the PDF. I thought the exclude column would then skip over that link.

It also seems to grab their document copy I made for them even though I had them delete it before turning it. (That may be a google thing?!?)

It doesn't. Or it doesn't seem to be working.

I've been using Goobric for a year and LOVE it, but cannot get it to send calculated scores to students when I hit "send scores and feedback" via email. I have the score calculated on my end using =SUM and %, but students just get the rubric and some weird symbols in their email where their % would be. I really don't want to have to send scores in comments; I see over 100 students a day.

It would be great if there was an option to include the rubric on the document.

My students publish a lot of work and often embed their doc. I don't want their rubrics to constantly show up especially when publishing.

I know that they can copy the doc and delete the rubric. They would also need to rename so that they multiple documents with the same name. It just seems like unnecessary work.

Hi everyone. When Goobric ingests my assignment, some of the Goobric links appear as "Assess file" while others appear as "Assess document." The "assess files" appear under the rubric, but unlike the document files, I can't make comments. The "assess files" seem to be in view-only mode. This is crucial because I can't leave comments on the "assess file" submissions. Anyone know how to make sure that all the submissions get ingested as documents rather than files, or why this happens? Thanks!

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When I try to ingest an assignment from Google Classroom, it keeps trying to load but never finishes. Anyone having this issue? I just started experiencing this problem this evening on 9/18.

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Hi folks! I've used the Doctopus/Goobric pairing without fail for three years, but today I'm having issues. I launched a blank Sheets, launched Goobric, and no options appear in the usual spot where one would opt to ingest a Classroom assignment, etc. Rebooted the computer, tried it from a Chromebook, no joy. Any ideas?
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