I am both an administrator and teacher. When ingesting a class can you make it so the drop down list of classes is not limited? I see some of my classes but not all of them because every class in the district seems to be showing up.

I would absolutely love it if it were possible to write feedback about individual rubric items instead of just overall feedback! I'm not sure if that is a feature you are working on, but I wanted to suggest it!

Is there any way of preventing students from seeing the feedback/rubric until the work is returned?
We work with an awarding body that doesn't allow any marking/feedback to be returned until it has been internally verified. I love this tool and it would be ideal for us but because the feedback is added to the bottom of the student document as soon as it is submitted, it will breach the rules because the students can see it. Ideally, feedback could be stored in the marking sheet and then added when the work is returned.
Thanks in advance for any help/ideas.

Doctopus/Goobric have been VERY helpful for grading (especially with speed). I just have one suggestion that would really help out.

Is it possible to have comments section under each box of the rubric? I often spend a lot of time commenting on the actual doc to highlight certain features, and the general comments section can get too cluttered. I would love to be able to comment in specific categories as I grade.

Is this possible?

I am new to using Doctopus and Goobrics (still in the experimental phase!) I am wondering if it's possible to attach a Goobric to an assignment that is submitted from the students' own drive? Or do the students need to put their work on their copy of the document that is attached to the assignment?

In my case, I posted an assignment, but didn't attach a document from my Google Drive -- the students each created their own document and then turned it in. Is it still possible to grade with a Goobric in this case?

Thank you!

I have used Doctopus/Goobric with Google Classroom for a few years and am very happy, recently though I have missed the eyeball (who remembers the eyeball?) When I regrade an individual assignment, it would be great to open the Goobric right from the student paper without going back to the class spreadsheet... any way to do that?

Can the doctopus/goobric spreadsheet grades be imported into google classroom or do I have to retype them (sigh)?

Is there any plan to have the code become open source?

Does anyone know if goobric can collect/injest comments within the student's assignment? this used to be a feature a couple of years ago, but it would collect the number of student comments, number of times the student opened the doc etc. This was before google classroom.
This would be a great tool to see all comments when making report comments - the formative feedback, comments not when you grade the final piece.

Can anyone help me on how to make a document completely inaccessible to students? I gave an assessment and embargoed the document to "no access," but the students can still see everything. I don't want them to be able to practice the question at home or be able to copy and paste anything on the document. There must be a way to temporarily "hide" it from the students right?
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