Hi, I have tried to send individual docs to my students. It says "loading job info..." for 30+ minutes now and the only thing that is done is the folder where assignments should go and columns in the roster sheet (with titles but no content). But nothing else. Any suggestions?

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I am getting an error asking for unique names in the far left hand column. It appears I have unique names. Ideas / suggestions would be appreciated.

I am trying to ingest an assignment from Google Classroom to use Goobric for rubric grading of a Google Doc assignment. I can get to the dialog box where it asks to select an assignment but there are no assignments to be found in the drop down. Is anybody else having the same issue?

I have been attempting to get access to Doctopus and it will allow me to get to the point of select assignments, but no assignments come up. I have tried removing Doctopus then adding it back on. Please help!
Thank you!

When I try to use multiple rosters I just get spinning wheel. When I go back & just choose 1 roster it is working fine.
Any ideas/solutions +Amanda Smith?

I am getting the following error message when I try to update my roster?

Google APPS Script

You do not have permission to perform that action.

I have two files that I can't unembargo. It just giving the spinning wheel of death with "loading job info". Any thoughts on how to fix? Thanks!

I keep getting this error message. I have logged out of all accounts and logged back in and have reattached the rubric multiple times. Please help!!

No Doctopus rubric associations were found for this Drive file. To use Goobric with a Google Drive file, it must first have been distributed (or ingested from Google Classroom) by the Doctopus Add-on for Sheets and had a rubric associated with it. If this seems wrong, try re-attaching your rubric in the Doctopus assignment management panel. Also check to make sure you are logged in via the Google account that has full access to all student assignments, rubric, and Doctopus spreadsheet for the assignment. Try logging out of all accounts and logging back into the Google account you used to create this assignment. For tutorials on how to use Doctopus, visit the Doctopus home page.

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I am having this problem on several spreadsheets. I'm scoring an assignment, and it's only saving scores from three of the six columns. When I click Submit, then come back to that assignment, three of the columns have scores and three do not.

Then when I look in the spreadsheet, it only shows the scores from those three columns and the other three are empty.

When I go to the rubricScores sheet, all of the scores show up, but the formatting is all messed up.
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Any way to leave a location specific comment on a image uploaded to doc?
Turn it in has this feature
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