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Good afternoon Doctopus friends! It pains us to state that Google is having another issue around their picker (where you go to select a folder or file). They are working hard to resolve the issue and we will update you as soon as it is resolved. Again, we apologize for any inconvenience this has caused. 

When I am trying to initialize Goobric for the first time, I am getting a line 46 error. It will not allow me to move forward with attaching a Goobric. Ideas?

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I love Goobric, but my students find the rubric too lengthy. Can I modify what students see, so that I see score 1-3, but students see only "not proficient"? 
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I am still having a problem with Goobric for Students. Is there anyone else who is having an issue with neither the pop-up nor the "assess this doc" icon appearing on the student's work? I've tried multiple ways, and I can't figure out what's happening! Thanks.

I am having a problem with the assessment side. First, when I go to embargo a document for grading it takes forever. It times out after every five or so students. Second, when I want to unembargo, I no longer see a way to do this. Thanks.

I get this error message when I add new students to a roster that already has an assignment:

It appears this assignment wasn't saved properly in step 2. Please return to step 2 in the setup menu and re-save.

When I go back to step 2 I cannot select the name of the roster I was currently using. How do I fix this?


Does anyone know if Doctopus/Goobrics can be used for assessing new Google Sites?

Is the code for goobric on Github or open source

When I pull up my Google Classroom, I do not see my assignments on the drop down menu. The name of my Google Classroom is there, but not my assignments. I created a new Google Classroom for a trial and created two new assignments, but they do not come up on the drop down menu. Am I doing something wrong with permissions?

I have been having difficulty today with "Choose a different folder" in Step 4. The box comes open but it says I have no folders which isn't true. This is the first time in 3 years that I have had this problem. Is something up with this feature?
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