Jen Hegna brought the Minnesota Partnership for Collaborative Curriculum to my attention when I was looking for resources for a World Geography course. Many of you are in districts that are partners in MPCC. What do you see as the benefits/strengths of the MPCC resources? Are many of your courses using MPCC resources? Thanks for your help.

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Hi All,
I am moving to another district next year and into a role that is not directly targeting technology integration, so I likely will not be participating in SEMN-TIG next year. I'll certainly miss this critical part of my PLN!

Albert Lea is currently hiring for my position, Coordinator of Technology Integration. I would definitely encourage anyone who is interested to apply. It is a great job with a chance to lead at a district level.

Here is the posting. Let me know if you have any questions:

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Hello everyone!

I will not be back next school year so I want to thank all of you for your energy and support over the years. This group has helped me so much. You all ROCK!

Hi, Guys! I'm curious if anyone has done any work with students on video game design? If so, I'd like to chat a bit. What are you using as a platform, would you continue in that direction or would you look at something else, etc.
Hope all is well!

I would like to apply for a mini grant up to $500 for a set of programmable "robots" that would work with iPads (or Chromebooks.) Does anyone have a favorite for elementary grades?

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Hello SEMN-TIG! It is my pleasure to invite you to a free, two-hour seminar titled “Reimagine PD.” This seminar is being conducted by a Winona State graduate cohort completing their certificate in Innovative Instructional Leadership. The goal of the seminar is to help school/district teams begin to re-think and re-envision how PD could look and be delivered. Please bring your staff development team as you will be actively engaged in working to make professional development more effective and meaningful for your staff.

The event is being held at Byron High School on May 10th, 5-7 p.m. Please RSVP by Friday, May 3 by registering on our website -

It will be a fun evening! Hope you can make it! Also, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask!

Jen Hegna and WSU Innovative Instructional Leadership Cohort

I have a high school social studies teacher that is looking for a digital textbook or database subscription to use primarily with 11th graders. The course is World Geography: Contemporary. What are some resources that your teachers like? Thanks!

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On the topic of Student Tech Support:
We have been using, Mouse Squad, for this school year to help drive Student level tech support. It's been a mash of that curriculum and projects, along with basic tech support around our Middle/High Building. So if there is a support ticket that comes through our system the Mouse Squad students can see if it's something they can work on or at least investigate. If there isn't anything for them to work on they are required to complete 1 project per week throughout the semester. So they are learning that way too.

This is setup as an elective, Pass/Fail class where students are assigned throughout the day. It's been a learning year because I haven't had the time to mentor the kids like I would want to, but I think it's been a great start and we hope to continue this class. is a free service this year (until June 30th) through MDE. I don't know if it's going to continue after that for free, but I know Mouse is trying to work with MDE to continue. I have no idea on pricing if it comes to that but Mouse is willing to work with each school for that.

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No Foolin' - Registration is now open for EdCamp SEMN 2017
August 1, 2017 @ Austin High School. Help us spread the word!
EdCamp SEMN 2017
EdCamp SEMN 2017

Totally forgot to bring this up when we were meeting today.... Have any of you switched over from smart boards to TVs at the HS level? We are re-doing our HS this summer including classrooms. We have decided to not put Smartboards back in and instead put in the following - 70" TV, 2 - 50 or 55" Tvs, Smart Kapp Board, touch screen teacher computers and Novo Pros. We have a lot of teachers worried about not having the smart board. I would love to connect them with other HS teachers that are doing it successfully. Thanks! Any advice would be great :-)
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