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What up fam

HeLlO mOtHeRfUcKeRs As YoU KnOw I aM GaMzEe MakaRa. I wOuLd LiKe To AdD a FeW mOrE mOtHeRfUcKiNg RuLeS:

1. their may be relationships in this rp so go motherfucking crazy
2. you may try to fight against me but it will be futile :o)
3. be careful with the comments because some discussions may be Rp's
4. their can be more than one character like there can be two or even three karbro's.
LeT tHe MoThErFuCkInG gAmEs BeGiN

Here you will give a bitch tits wicked motherfucking description of yourself. 

This is where the dead will motherfucking hang out. here you will post your cause of death. 
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