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welcome to the city of stora!

a introduction video plays
"this city is home to the greatest minds of the steampunk era and has been a great help in the progression of mankind and the achievements that will come into the future, we hope that you new and hopeful citizens and bring more help into this city and make it grow"
the video shows clips and different things out and in the city limits
"we not join us in the robosteam-tech industries? or help in the creation of other thing in the field of medical science?"
shows clips of the battles and soldiers in the war
"or if your feeling brave and wanting to make a name for your self, how about you join the black hand brigade and if your lucky. you might within the front lines in the deadmans land as we fight of the pressing forces of the rouge steam bots and creatures of the wild, who knows what might happen? but you might be lucky enough to use and get your own steam-arc MK.4 suit"

all new citizens must remember to have and give a identification card up at the profiling service offices as soon as possible to avoid any compilations

Profile layout for citizens:

Theme/song: ((optional))

Quote: ((optional))



Birthday: ((optional))


occupation/field of work:

Appearance: ((can use pictures if you want))





Powers: ((optional))

Abilites or skills: ((optional))


"just remember folks, here in stora. your safety, is our number one priority!"
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Name: C.C
Age: 18
Height: 5'7
Theme song: how to be a heartbreaker
Personality: teasing,kind and playful
Apperance: pics
Job: dosent gave one yet (suggestions?)
Gender: female
Weapon: pistol
Bio: I was raised in a rich and large family intill half of my siblings got married and left or had jobs so my parents kicked me out and called me a disgrace because I wasn't too sure on the big world so I was left alone pondering for somewhere to stay and a job.
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If you want know about Stora its simple the world in a World War, you see The Great War has been going on for years both sides unable to gain a advantage so the Council of Stora believing in Imperialism and Militarism made Stora into powerful country The Council wants one thing full control you decide if you fight for the council or against them
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Stora's International Airship, would you love to travel to other lands? Then come to Stora's International Airship, choose your location to travel and enjoy yourself

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Skyliners Train Station welcomes, please have your pass to receive train traveling, i assure you its fine we had only two accidents

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looking around the area of the low town slums district, holding my weapon in my right hand while i start to move down the hill of garbage and trash. i hold my LMG in my hand as i then i rest it against my shoulder
hmm well it seems the gang is not here anymore.. well shit, i was hoping for some good shooting

Shawn was disposing of a body when he spotted you staring at him. "Tell no one what you saw here, got it? I'll make sure you don't" and without saying any words, he disappeared. After a couple of days here appeared in your shop, seeing if you could sharpen his weapon you........ (sorry it's not too good, currently celebrating my birthday)

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Theme song: u rite (rynx remix)

Quote: "if i'm this dark sky, my people are these shining stars"

Name: Shawn Ritsworth

Age: 18

Gender: male

Occupation: Assassin

Appearance: (pic)

Personality: confident, charismatic, protective of his friends, cunning.

Likes: sweets, training, fighting, trying out different weapons.

Weapons: Sword/rifle, two pistols

Abilities/skills: supernatural reflexes

Bio: Shawn was born into a poor family and had to start doing dirty work as an early teen. This work helped him build up his skills as an assassin and several near death experiences led to him gaining unnatural reflexes. He now work as an assassin for the council will obey even the most dangerous of orders.

Crush: [open] (just ask)
Relationship: (single)

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Does anyone wanna rp?....

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Name: Lucy
Age: 19
Height: 6 foot
Likes: hanging with her sister while working with her +Princess Pumzie
Dislikes: people stealing there coal from them or any weapons or armour and seeing children be starving
Jobs: black smith (again like her sister )
Weapon: daggers (2)
Sexuality: bisexual
Appearance: (pic)
Personality: kind,playful and focused
Bio: Lucy grew up with her sister and her father since her mother died so Lucy's father taught the girls how to make new weapons so the black smith thing goes around the family and in there blood.
(That's pretty much it)
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