When Moses met with God, Moses' face glowed so much that he had to wear a veil over it (probably because Mrs. Moses couldn't sleep with a nightlight). Anyway, the point here is that other people to whom Moses spoke didn't start glowing. Once we are in the presence of God, we might glow, but we can't pass that on directly. We might offer grace to others, we might love them and be patient and kind to them, but we cannot give them our experience of God.

They have to enter the presence of God for themselves; they cannot appropriate yours. And so our job, through loving patience, and gracious love for them is to point them to God and encourage them to enter the presence of God.

Then and only then will their faces glow too.

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 Do you believe things about Jesus, do you believe in Jesus, do you believe Jesus, or do you believe what Jesus believed? Switching to a journey motif when understanding the Gospel is essential to spiritual formation.

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this is a post about purity that doesn't involve any mention of chastity.
Lets talk about Purity for a moment, but without talking about chastity for once.

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I like these prayer ropes made by Sue Andreas. They come with a suggested cycle of prayers developed by her husband Alan. I find myself drawn to spiritual practices that involve physical elements. This is a resource that I have found to be helpful in that regard.

Hey everyone, I am almost a graduate of George Fox's Doctorate of Ministry in Spiritual Formation and Leadership. You all look like a cool community to connect with.  Shalom!

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Hello! My name is Katrina and I'm a third year student at Talbot Seminary in California studying Spiritual Formation & Soul Care. Thanks for starting this group!

Hi Everyone! I'm a recent graduate of Talbot's Spiritual Formation & Soul Care program. Excited about what this group can be.

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Hey, folks. I'm new to this community and hoping to connect with other likeminded folk interested in #Christian #spiritualformation. Just want to say hi!
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