Page 56: "Magic users may not recover an expended spell use from the same spell level more than once within 24 hours"

What was the design philosophy behind this restriction? I ask because I want to remove it but I'm not sure what ramifications might ensue because of it. 

I couldn't find any modifiers for races, like the usual +2 to Constitution for Dwarves. Are there any?

In the last session of LFG...

Hemu was still bedridden and Rymere was indisposed when, coming into the village of Tuorval was a mysterious Bard named Patrick. Magalore desired to enter the depths of the Reptile God's lair and coming into town was Richard, having heard unrelated news of his cousin's plight, going missing near the standing stones in the village's nearby fields. Patrick, Richard and Magalore would be the brave souls that would plunge into the depths of the lair,
News in Tuorval travelled fast, the party having a week previously broken the Reptile God's cult and uncovering a 20 year action to bewitch the residents of Dhoenel village to the west as supplicants to the monster. Count Vaesil, liege of Tuorval met and thanked the party personally and bade them luck as he mustered his own forces to take Dhoenel by force.
Arriving shortly thereafter was Ramne, the old hermit that helped them earlier and warned them that the charmed cultists had begun to leave the town, unknown as to where. Ramne, although very old and unable to fight nevertheless was a magus of considerable ability and agreed to go with the party.
They travelled for a day to the lair where they received a harsh reception by the remaining guards, easily smashed by the party; particularly Magalore's hammer. As they explored deeper, the group entered a chamber with haunting music which entranced Patrick and Richard, yet left Ramne and Magalore unscathed. Ramne used his own magic to counter the magic and Magalore discovered the source; a harpy. The harpy flew throughout the room, diving to attack the party but was felled by Patrick's arrows.
The party delved into the darkest depths of the lair and took a boat to the monster's nest in an underground lake. From the darkness, a fireball was hurled at them but deflected by Ramne's magic. The reached the shore where the Reptile God's massive coils sat upon a mound of bleached skulls and treasure. She was a massive snake and her head was that of a human woman with long fangs. She told the group they would be joining those skulls as trophies that she has collected from challengers of untold centuries. She unleashed a spell that would render the group unconscious but was countered by Ramne. The battle then began as Magalore, Patrick and Richard fought it and won, Richard hacking off it's head as a trophy of his own. The party then marched triumphantly from the lair and even found barrels of excellent wine and beer within, stored by the charmed servants, now freed as they helped bring the drink with the party back to Tuorval. That night would be a great celebration, the party were heroes whose stories would be told throughout the kingdom of Aerenwe. 

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Mini adventure #25 is out: Revelry in Northgate :D
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How easy would it be to implement higher modifiers for attributes, in line with 5ed? So

18-19 +4
16-17 +3
14-15 +2
12-13 +1
10-11 +0

Thinking of giving characters a feat every level

What do you think about this house rule

Critical Hit
This rule replaces the Critical Hit rule found on page 52.

If the d20 attack roll comes up a natural 20, the player rolls their weapon's damage dice plus an additional 1d6. If this 1d6 roll is a natural 6, you reroll the d6 and add the result to the first roll, if this second roll is also a natural 6, you add that to the running total and re roll. Keep re-rolling and adding if you keep getting natural 6s.

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Adventure Framework #24 is out: Battle for Rivertop
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